about this site!

i made this site bc i was bored 1 day and i decidedc i wanted 2 hav a website!!!

yr gonna find mostkly 2hu and voclaoid stuff on here, and maybe sum anime if i feel liek it, and maybe some othr thingz

about me!

konnichiwa, my name is clam hanson!! i love touhou and vocaloid!! take it easy!!

here is a picture of me

here is a song that describes me

i live on the unit circle, at a 60 degree angle

sum thingz i daisuki


eurobeat, citypop, vocaloid, touhou remixes, foster the people, antoha mc, beastie boys, run-dmc, beach boys, anri

everything else:

cats, candy, math, studying language, desert plants, rain, c o m f y, gondola, anthropology, middle eastern food

sum thingz i dont like

THOTS, tomatoes, potatoes, and cheese. brie and camambert are fine, but they're on thin ice!