So this is where I'm going to be putting anime sutff!!!!! tbh i dont watch that much anime, so ther wont be much on here, gomenasai!! >.<

also spoilerz 4 thingz so b careful

WAht r my favorite anime?!?!!?

Azumanga daioh is the best anime because it is just too kawaii desu!!!) honestly sakaki is like, so me. we both LOOOVE nekos but they don't love us back ;-; also i rlly like osaka! there isnt a moment when she isnt funny! she's soo kawaii also! tbh i daisuki all of the azumanga daioh girls! they are soo kawaii desu!!

Initial D! okai soo i originalyl started watching this 4 the memes, but after a few episodes i was H O O K E D. i watched the first stage, and the endign was P E R F E C T. i finished stage 2, which is gr8, but i havent been able 2 watch stage 3 bc i cant find a veriosn on yt!!!

Madoka magica!!! Her outfit is so kawaii desu! And the ending made me CRY SO much! ;-; lol i ship madoka and homura all the way! they're so kawaii together! i havent seen rebellion or any of the movies yet even tho i finished madoka magica ~2 year ago XP. crazy 2 think its been liek 2 years sinnce ive seen madoka magia...

Neon geensis evangelion! AAAAAAAA I LOVE EVANGELION!!!!!! i could spend all day talking abt da characterz n da lore n stuff, JGSJFGSJDKFHGSDJFHGSDJFGSKDF i LOVE EVANGELION!!!!!!!!!!!

made in abyss bc it is sooo interesting! i can't wait for the 2nd season too come out! i'll admit i cheated abit and read ahead in the manga... but hopefully not too far...!

higurashi!!!!!!!!! so i started wathcing higurashi gou, but den i realized its a new season, not a remake >.< so i started watching teh original series, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! rena is sooooo kawaii desu, omochikaeri XDDDD rika and satoko are super kawaii desu tooo!!! i just want them all to be happy ;_; i havent played the VN, ik ik i have to >-<

fav anime charatcers!

mami tomoe!! mami is my favorite madoka magica girl!! she's like, super smart and stuff. also shes like a mentor 2 madoka and sayaka, and shes super calm and rational! also shes just like really sugoi!!

REI AYANAMI I LOVE HER SO MUCH REI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYANAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH i lov her specially in da rebild 2.0, oh but it made me so sad when her dinner nevr got 2 happen ;_; if rei was real we'd be best friends. you n me

takumi fujiwara!! gosh i love takumi!! hes just so kakkoi and relaxed!!! when im old enoug 2 drive, im gonna drift everywher 2 b liek him!! then im gonna get my license taken away......... but thats daijoubu!! yea hes just rlly cool n stuff

rena ryuuguu!!! shes super kawaii and shes REALLY clever too!!! or should i say cleaver LOLOLOLOL XD anyway i love rena she's really kawaii!! shes probaby my favorite higurashi character!!

othr anime stuff

tbh... i rlly dont watch that much anime ^.^7 so thers not much on here rn..... but its daijoubu!!!!! but anywei... heres just sum thoughts on anime stuff


ahhhhhhh when i was i liek the summer goin in2 6th grade i tried watchin the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya on my 3ds's jank youtube. i got alot of comfy memories of this, yknow?? liek just sittin in yr bed w/ yr fan on cuz its hot, just watchin haruhi on yr 3ds... very nostalgic, even thou it didnt happen too many yrs ago, but whatevr!! anyway, i used 2 like haruhi. not like... "omg haruhi iz teh best thing evar!!!!!" but if sum1 askd if i liekd haruhi i would say yea....... but now i just rlly dont like haruhi... its just not my kinda thing. Demo, i gotta admit they got some sick tunes in there!! that was a whole lotta the enjoyment i got outta haruhi back when i watched it. even thou i def didnt wtach haruhi when it aired.. it gives me 2006 vibes, an i like those. so ye whenevr i hear hare hare yukai or god knows or whatevr the intro is called, it reminds me of those dreamlike days.


the first 2 seasons are alright.... but everything after that SUXX!!!!!!!! its so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! araragi is fuckiing BORING!!!!!!!!! so i stopped watching it :^) i do like sengoku though, shes kawaii!!!!