Okay so this is where I'm going to put posts that are old! (becasue they clutter up the homepage amirite?! XD) (also the posts get newer as you go down)

also if u wanna see old fumo pics, pls click kaguya

So if your new and want the history of my website then look here! It's really cool!


So my friend had insparationil messages 4 u guys and i'll post them on my "inspire" page!!!!!!


Wow! over 3000 views! Sugoiii~! Arigatou!


>.< gomenasai! I haven't updated in forever!! gomenasai!!!


Okay so a few days ago was my birthday and I got a hatsune miku doll and it's sooo kawaii!!

Also, I use firefox as my browser, right? so when i'm editing my site, the audio files won't load. However, when i go on internet edge, it works fine. so I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem? or no?

I mean yea you wouldn't be able to tell me because there's no comment box on this site because i don't think neocities supports php. but whatever ^.^


Okay so I found out that .mp3 files won't work on firefox's audio tag so................ GOMENASAI! X3


AAAAAAAAA I JUST GOT A COMMENTS THING/GUESTBOOK TO WORK >.< it looks soooo kawaii desu and you neeeed to totally say somehting on there!!! say anything watashi dont care at all! arigatou soo much!!!


>.< sugoii!! i just found a playlist with some of my favourite vocaloid songs! u can fndi thje link on my "vocaloid" paghe!!!!


omg hachi just amade a news song about how vbocaloid is dying and all my reaction is: liek watashi doesn't think that vocaloid is dyign at all and miku-chan and meiko-chan and rin-chan and teto-chan and len-kyun i'll stay w/ you forever!!


okay so the new buttoin there on my websitye it for my friends and i to talk about things don;t worry you guise have one too!!! it's the kawaii guestbook rember? XD


Okay so frist of all gomenasai!!!!! I havent updated my site in forevers!!! If you guyz want the whole story, well it's because my school is abaka and blocked neocities!!!!! so i haven't ben able to update my site because my school blocked neocities! *mutters under breath* ..baka...

Also it's almost hallowenn so i am going to be kasane teto 4 hallowwen bc she is a cute! A CUTE!

One last thing!!~ I added arhicves so any of you new people to the website can see it's history!!


gomenesai!!!!!!! it probbly seems liek i havent been wokring on my website at all, but tryst me i have! i have been wroking on the anime page and working on a special secret page i will reveal when it is 12/4/16!! bc that is my websites birthday! it will be a really cool celebarino! I cant wait!

also arigatou soooooo much for 5,000! views! it's halfway to 10,000 views!! arigatou to every1 who is reading this and who comes back reuglarty to see my sugoi website!! XD


OMGG!!! today it is the my websites first birthday and i am really happy! to celebrate, i made some ramen with my nekos ^.^!!! my nekos are sooo kawaii and i daisuki them soo much!!! i daisuki it when they go nya~ its super kawaii desu!!!


okieee sooooo........ when i said i would have a special new page for the site's bday..... it kinda isnt done yet XP so watashi has to work on that some more b4 i can show it you guize!!!!!!!! gomesai gozaiumas!!! :PP

anyway another reason why i havent been updating recently is that i hav been SUUUUUUUUUPer buzy the last few weeksbeucae i had to study for my exams at school (the school the bloked neocities, those BAKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) anyway so yea i have been studying alot and i havnt had time 2 work on my site and i have also been sick with a cold so i spent the klast few days being sick

BUT! i will be adding alot of new sites this week bc it is....... CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!! omg i am like, soooooo exsited because iasked 4 vocaloid stuff 4 christmas and it's going to be soooooo kawaii when i get it! ialso asked 4 a matroskha doll because ofthe song martoshka by hachi!!!!!!! the one with hatsune miku and gumi!!!!!!


So i have been working on a touhou poage 4 a while nao.... and finially watashi decided to open it up 2 u guize!!!! so on my touhou page, i will talk about stuff liek my fav charatcers, fav soundtracks, fav games, etc! pls have fun and rember happy day!! XD


i added a page for the archives of old vocaloid songs of the week!! but it isnt on thje archives page it is on its own speicla page that u can get 2 from the vcoaloid page!!


I AM STILL ALIVE!!!! lol gomenasai for not updating alot recently i was suuuuuuuuuper busy at school and with school. but don't worry okiez?? i will update more often i PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!

also i added moar voclaoid songs for my fav vocalod songs bc i have found alot more sugoi voclaoid songs!! XP


7,000 views!!!!!! i cannot thank all of you enough! we're soo close to 10,000 views! idk what i'll do when that happens, but it'll be special! trust me! anyway, thank you again! this actually means alot to me... but i can't get emotiuonal now... wait for 10,000 views ;)

o ya i forgot to mention i have added music on the site! there will be a special page for all of the credits for the music!


OMG OMG OMG we're at 8,000 views rn!!!!! i'm so excited!! only 2,000 views away fropm 10,000 views!!!!! arigatou sooo much every1 of you!!!

uhh.. gomenasai ^.^" i screwed something up so for a while you couldn't read any of the text on this page... SORRY! but nao i fixed it!

Also i added a button to my site!! it's on the very bottom or the site, and you're welcome to use it, please just link to my site!

also yesterday i added stuff to the anime and touhou page, so go check that out if you like touhou or anime!!


i added my fav touhou games to the touhou page and a new vocaloid ship to the vocaloid page, so go look at that if you liek touhou or vocaloid!


today is a very special day.......... do u know why???? because its estonia's 100th independence day!!!!!!!!!! yea ik japan is sugoi BUT i also rlly love estonia alot! their flag is soo cool! to any estonians reading this: happy independence day!!!!!!


GOMEN~!! >.< i havent updated in liek, a bajollion moths!!!!! i just havent been able to think of anuything to add 2 here 4 a while.... an i realized that i just couldnt post a "gomen for not updating" thing an then not update forever!!!!!!! but anyway.............. i updated the vocaloid song archives, and added a new vocaloid song of the week, so pls look at that!!!!!!


Okie so ive just had an idea rite???? so what im going to try 2 do is translate my site into german!!!!!! so theres going to be a copy of this site ,but in german!!! why am i doing this???? 1) it gives me sumting 2 do and b) i want lots of people to be able to read my site!!!!!!!!!! anhyway........ when im done w/ german, i'll probably do either french, sapnish, or japanese!!!!! wish mee luck! (and btw........ the german wont be very good bc i dont speak german........ so im using google transalet ((yea ik it sucks but it takes a long time to learn another language.)) so if any of you know german and find something rlly wrong, ples tell me!!! arigatou!

1 moar thing: this page, index.html, will become the page wher u choose ur language. i have a new page (home.html) where all of the original index.html will be, so dont worry nun of this will be gone!

1 last thing, for real this time.......... if you have any objections to translating the site, speak now or forever hold your peace!


finally, i fnished translating the site into german!! if there's any germany characters that dont show up properly, or if i forgot to translate something, please tell me!! arigatou!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my site reached 10,000 views!!! when i started this site back in 2016, i never thought i would reach this many views!!! but look where it is nao!!!!! I want to thank all of you very much 4 continuing to read my page, it rlly means alot to me :') so once again thank you so much!

o and... btw i added something on my vocaloid page about vocaloidotaku


okie so i think i'm gonna change the music on this site just 2 refresh it!! you can find the sources on my credits page!


so i fixed the touhou page! i always thought it looked ugly, and it still looks ugly, but just a little bit less! ill prolly fix it moar in the future


alice just arrived!!!!!!! look on my touhou page for sum kawaii desu picturs of her!!!!!!!


okie so for the next few dayz i think that im gonna be doing alot of small updates thruout the site, so bc theres alot of small updates, im not gonna write down all of them (besided this 1 ofcouse XD), so just stay tuned okie??? arigatou!!!


i just made a new, kawaii desu button 4 mai site!!!! im still gonna keep the old one just incase sum1 wantz 2 use it,but tbh i think that the new 1 looks way moar sugoi!


added hina spinning to my about page, thats it thou... i just havent been abel 2 fnd sum ideas 4 my site, so im prolly gonna take a chibi (japanese 4 small) break frm updating for awhile........................ idk when ill start updating agin.... GOMENASAI!!!!!! XP dont worrt tho im not gonna stop updating this site bc im like, rlly proud of this site. just hibernating 4 a while!!!!


okie! i'm (kinda) out of hibernation! and i made a new page!! its basically where i put comfy things/some feels. hopefully its gonna be nice!!! also added a happy day yuuka favicon! also i did alot of more chibi updates wch i 4got about so im not going 2 list them, duh!

6/28/18 and 6/29/18

soooooooooooooooooo uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......................... i've been kinda thiniking... to like... redesign the site or something. its not gonna be something huge, but like....... man idk. like i've just been 101% STUCC w/ what 2 do w/ the site....... like idk what to put on here. i mean like w/ my vocaloid and touhou pages, there's an ammount of stuff on there... but like, okay so my touhou page 4 example, i've got some stuff on there, but it's all basic stuff y'know, fav characters, games, and music tracks. i feel like there's not enough original content on there. I guess original content isn't the right word, but like i want there to be more on that page other than characters, games, and music tracks. i also guess the touhou page is the wrong place to apply this, i just want more original content on the site overall. but the problem is idk how to do this. the comfy page is like...... kinda this but i want more oc. the comfy page... i like it but at the same time i feel like it could be a kbglibillion times better. but like i want to have something original on here. I mean i have the vocaloid songs of the """"""""""week"""""""""", and i suppose thats also semi-original, but i haven't been doing that for a kbglibillion years. i suppose what i'm trying to say is that i want something that people will come back 2 my site for, something that has some value and reasons to visit. i want to have something thats like.... dynamic. i think what i mean by that is like, something INTERESTING, y'know?? what do i have on here thats of value?? i mean like if you're a fan of touhou, then the 2hu page might be of value, bc last time i checc'd, there aren't alot of 2hu fansites. i mean you have moriya shrine and, but not much else. i suppose i want to CONTRIBUTE SOME OC TO THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY, but idk what to contribute. i mean like i sew plush dolls and i could put them on my site 4 ppl 2 buy, and idk about yalls but thats some pretty original content... but at the same time like.... idk man. what does this have to do w/ redesigning the site???? idk, but this just went on a tangent. so yea, i might redesign my site, maybe not tho, bc idk what to redesign it to........ SO if any of yalls have any idea on what 2 do... plz tell me!!!!

also 4 my birthday i got a kawaii suwako hat!!! ^.^


so i just went 2 a convention 4 japanese stuff, and i mean nothing too big happend ther.. but i did buy a youmu plush!!!! tbh they had like, no 2hu stuff there.... but i did find some 2hu stuff. anway, its not a fumo, bc they didnt have any fumos there, but it is pretty kawaii!!!


its alredy july!! thats crazy 2 think abt!!! and i forgot to say rabbit rabbit, as always. anyway... today is canada day, so uh happy canada day 4 canadaians reading this rn, evn tho i dont live in canada, but whatevs!!!!!

so rn it's a kbglibillion degrees (88 degrees) and right nao theres an "excessive heat warning" for my area, so i think im gonna sleep in my freezr tonite!

one last thinbg, ive decided 2 start redesigning my site. dont worry, i'll archive the current layout when im done sooo yea.


yooo so its 4th on july today and its a kbglibillion degrees right nao. i went to a parade w/ my tomodachi, and ya we got lots of candy. anyway, i just found somethin RLLY important!!! i found the TRUE despacito 2

also im gonna take off my old button, so ya just a heads up. if yu wanna use it, it will be on my archives page!!


whoops i was gone 4 a week in florida!!! anyway, i notiecd that the sites gone past 20,000 views!!!!!!! it seemsa like just yesterdya we reached 10,000 views!!!! i hope that i can continue to make this websiet looong in2 the future!! arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

also i've added a section on the 2hu page about the coolest touhous! rn theres only mokou, but im gonna add a few more soon!!!

1 last thing..... the world cup finals are 2day!!!!! i hope france wins!!! idk who has more of a chance of winnign, but im hoping 4 france bc im learnig french!!!!


holy guacamole!!!!!!!!! there's been vocaloid 5 announced, and then theres touhou 16.5 announced!!!!!!! check on the vocaloid and 2hu pages 4 stuff about them!!!!!


SO! i just completetly updated the whole music on this site!! i have changed the music AND put all the music in2 a sugoi player so u can like pause music n stuff!!! ALSO at first i tried 2 have each page have its own music in its own playlist, but it turns out u can only hav 1 player on ur site at a time, so wat i did was i put all the music in2 one BIG playlist! so nao u can choose ur own music 4 each page!!!!! it has like 17 songs in it so i hope theres somthing ur gonna like!!!!!!!! also bc all of the music crefdits r in the plyalist, the credits/contact page in just the contact page nao!!


soo uhh i was gone 4 a loooooong time (well i mean not that long but you get the idea) bc school just started again 4 me so ive been busy n stuff w/ that BUT ill still probablyl update the site alot liek i did last year!!!!!!!!!! also its been raining a wholle lot this week, and its gonna keep raining! so now theres a whole buncha muishrooms in my backyard and they look downright sugoi!!!!

also i think im gonna start working on another "garbage" enrty, so stay tuned 4 that!!


happy cirno day!!!! its pretty fitting bc 2day its suuuper cold!!!!!!!!!! idk what else 2 say... im working on thre "garbage" thing rn, so gomenasai i dont have mkuch 2 say.... im busy!!


so i went 2 my schools homecoming last night w/ a group of friends. it was boring and it sucked. they ran out of lemonade (which was watered way down). it was rlly hot, and my feet hurt from wearin heels. my friends and i left early. tbh it was a very abstract kinda feel. i had low expectations and i was still let down. so ye.

ALSO!! i redid my music player 4 autumn!!! i tried to include some """"spooky"""" halloweenis music, and also some.... idk how 2 call it.... autumn music??? so ye theres alot of mountain of faith arranges in there for trhe "autumn music" and lots of eosd arranges 4 "spooky" music.


i finally updated the german portion of the site!! it took a while bc there was alot 2 add,,, but i'm glad i finally did it! i also added sum moar music 2 the music player!! i added another arrange from a "house set" album and yea ik theres already 2 songs on there from a house set album, but i thought this one fit rlly well!!


konnichiwa again!!! i havent updated in awhile bc ive been rlly busy w/ school and stuff and other things.... soo gomenasai!!!

it was halloween on wednesday, and i went trick or treating w/ sum of mai freinds!! i was marisa kirisame bc she is a cute! a CUTE!! i made the costume myself and im rlly proud of it!!!!! its soooo kawaii desu~!! i might post pics of the costumee

also ik lots of ppl dont liek almond joys.. but i daisuki them!! if u have any and dont want them pls send them to these coordnates: 38.212833, 45.7134459

one last thing!!!! ive added my 1cc chart 2 my 2hu page.... so look at that if u wanna!! im still gonna have some notes about some of the 1ccs... so ya


so!! i updated my music player again!!1 BUT!! this time its 4 winter and ik that its like not even december yet...... BUT!! wheer i live its strated snowing so its basically already fuyu (japanese 4 winter)!! and yea ik theres a few vchristmas songz on there and yea ik lotz of ppl are all leik "omggg y r u playign chirtsmas music already??" but thats y i have a music player wher u can choose ur own music, you bakas!!! so yea its not all chritamas there is some idk how 2 call it..... wintery music???? on ther aswell. so enjoy that!!

alsooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! foster the people released a new song!!!!! omg its sooo sugoi!!!! its liek.... idk man its rlly sugoi though!!!!!

1 last thing!! im gonna b gone 4 a week or somethin in new york!!!!! so gomenasai in advcance 4 not bein able 2 update!!!!!!!!! im rlly exsisted thoug!!!


back from nyc!!!! it was no sleep till brooklyn though bc sleepin on the bus was paiiiiiiiiinnnnnfullll!!!!!! but anyway, it was daijoubu! nyc is rlly weird and its full of wired ppl..... but whatevr!!! it cant be helped. i got a switchblade comb which is liek the sickest thing i own!

also its thankgsinivng 2day!!! so yea happy thankgsiving 4 you guize!!


HUAH!!!! i finally beat impossible spell card!!!! took me long enough!! i was stuck on 10-9 for ages bc its impossile 2 get remilia in the rihgt spots and just aguhggh and i was stuck on 8-7 forevr bc i was rlly dumb and didnt use the doll but whatevr!!!!!! gosh im rly happy tho


alright, listen up you bakas. I've been gone 4 awhile. you wanna know why? bc all of those viruses from shady anime sites must have finally caught up with me, and now my laptop is bricked. so rn im typing this from my phone, and it sux and its totally not daijoubu and autocorrect is totally janking me up and everything is kuso and it takes 4evr to type anything bc autocorrect keeps repeating words and ik im totally being melodramatic especially irl, if u know me irl, and December is totally janked up this year and omg i hate autocorrect!!! tbh I think I'm at my lowest point in years! t. local girl. anyway, that's why theres not as much spelling errors and fun that usually flavors my website 2day, so I gotta be a bit moar serious rn, which suxxxxxxx!

but u know what sux the most??? i missed my sites bday!! 2 yrs old!! im rlly happy and proud that its been here 4 2 whole years!! im very happy I found neocities, bc where else could i list wch 2hu is kewlest and have ppl care? tumblr? and go the ciryes route?? no way!! what I'm saying is that I'm thankful 4 neocities! arigatou 4 two (2) whole years! kampai 2 many more!!

a few more things! its exam week, and its the first time i've had exams in all my classes. but idc bc i know I'm gonna do rlly well even tho i didnt rlly do the study guides 4 sum of the classes! that's the kind of confidence you need! jk!!

part 1/2 of 1 last thing! yt rewind 2018 came out recently, and it suxx! most disliked yt video! pretty ironic, huh? if you look at the like 2 dislike ratio 4 yt rewinds over the years, you'll notice a beautiful exponential trend downwards. god knows how itll look next year!! I think the main problem w/ it is that it was made by corporate ppl in yt headquarters choosing the safest youtubers, yknow just beauty vloggers, fortnite yters, and generic run of the mill vloggers. they coulda been a shooting star and broken the mold, but no. they gotta appeal to all of the 9yr olds watching fortnite and their grandparents. its just stale bc everything in there is stale. b4 i saw it, i knew it was gonna b just like the last one bc they gotta appeal to eVeRyOnE!!!!!!!!!!!111 and by everyone i mean everyone and their mom. also, literally whomst wanted lele pons?? "lEtS gIvE tHe PeOpLe WhAt ThEy WaNt!!" nani??? hontou desu ka???? dare i say SOU NANO KA??? who wanted this, other than the big boss schmucks at the head of yt, wanting it to """""""""""appeal"""""""""""" to more ppl?? i think they just disconnected more ppl desu. rlly bad, 0/10, for the love of god please let there be an actual competitor to youtube. not vimeo, dailymotion, vidme, vidlii (actually vidlii is okay bc it reminds me of the good ol days). an actual, large competitor, with creative content, not just "oddly satisfying video #309275" or "beauty vlogger channel #2346985" whatever. like gosh youtube! stop favoring bland, generic, run of the mill "advertiser friendly" yters. its all the same!! i did like jaiden's pewdiepie chair, nice touch man.

part 2/2 of 1 last thing! on the topic of ""safe"" content, yknow what yt did?? they deleted all of mumkey jones's channels! emperor lemon has a vid explaining all of this here. he makes a lot of good points, but here's my 2 cents. yt is just digging their own grave, and ik ppl have been saying that for years, but that doesn't make it any less true. theyre pushing out the creative ppl, like mumkey, by pulling all of these kuso "community guideline strikes" or whatevr. and ik that this whole rant is biased in favor of "meme yters" or whatevr, bc thats what i watch, yknow?????????? but if theyre kicking ppl out for things like having a dark sense of humor, man that aint okay. they said mumkey was "promoting or romanticizing violence" or somthin like that, i dont remember all the details. like yea ik its a dark sense of humor, but its a sense of humor. he's not goin out there tellin ppl to go do bad things. so meanwhile, as mumkey is kicked out 4 having a different sense of humor than all the popular vloggers, you can find things that are supposed to be not on yt. if one channel shows a clip of a lewd anime grill, D E M O N E T I Z E D. however, dig deep enough (or not that deep at all), and you'll find softcore porn thats been on yt for like 4-5 years. like nani?? but thats comparing apples to oranges. if you poke around, you'll find videos from the true crime fandom. not all the ppl talking about em, but like actual videos from actual members, romanticizing the actions of actual murderers. sooo, dark jokes "glorify, promote, or romanticize" tragic events, but 15 yr old emo girls (stereotype ik) making videos about how mass shooters are total hotties are fine?? sou nano ka???? anyway, yt shouldnt have booted out mumkey.


Wowza!! episode 11 of memories of phantsm was just uploaded!!! its not subbed yet so that totoally sux but tis daijoubu! i can wait!! i think its the end to the imperishble night arc which is sugoi!! also they uploaded the trailer 2 episode 12, which i havent watched yet.

also i haev a laptop now!


chirtsams!!!!!!! i had a rlly nice chirtmas and i hope u did too!!! i got a beastie boys tshirt which is way past cool, and i got a marisa fumo!!! but not rlly bc its not here yet........... -.- and its gonna arrive in liek january and icant wait that long ;-; but idc bc i got a fumo!!! im rlly happy its sooo kawaii desu~

also i added a lot of links on the link page, so check those out if u want.


it's been awhile, huh??? yea i just didnt rlly feel liek updating my site, so whaterv.... happy rlly l8 new years!!!!!!!! i went 2 a new years party my friend was hostin, and it was cool. i rlly only talkerd 2 her thou, not bc i didnt know any1 else ther, but bc she just kinda GETS what ur talkin about. shes rlly cool.

also i updated the music player bc its not chirstmas anymoar so i got rid of the chirtsmsas music and replsaced it w. othr stuff. thers stil wintery music so ye

oh ye i forgot that uhhh alot of my time away was spent on makin this big moving picture, and ill totally upload it 2 yt or somthin, bc its an mp4, but not rn, bc i still gotta add voices n stuff liek that. so look 4ward to that


its rlly cold and rlly snowy rn!!! apparently theres gonna b this huuuuge snow storm goin throuh my area at liek midnight, so school better b cancelled!!! but at the same time it suxxx bc its 2 hot in the arctic so all the cold is goin down over where i live, but nah dont worry its cold in my freezer so climate change isnt real ahahhahahahha right???? ;-; GOD THAT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!! i'm gonna ignore the janky climate so i can get more money!!! you guize ever read the lorax????????? this is kuso and it really pisses me off ppl arent doin nuthin about it!!

anyway, my sink is also broken!! so insteada it bein like this, its like this and it gets yr clothes all wet and it SUX!!



sumthin pretty wacky happened!!!!!!1 so school was cancelled yesterday, today, and tomorrow!!! they calld and said school wasnt gonna happen 2morrow (wednesday) at liek, 11 this morning... so yea!!! 5 days off.... gosh this whole NEET lifestyle is seemin pretty nice!!!! might drop out and become a NEET, gosh wouldnt that b nice, nevr havin 2 work..... but anyway!!!!!!!!

sumthin else totally wild, michigans got a state of emergency goin on rn.... thats totally wild!! its just too cold 2 do anythin!!

BUT!!! on a scale of 1-10, my anger rn is liek friggin JUNKO up in here! Pure fury!!! 101% SEETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could melt all of this snow with the heat of my anger (poetic, ik)!!!! and you wanna know why???? because there's STILL ppl out there sayin stuff like "its cold outside, gosh we could use sum of that global warming rn!!!!" or doin stuff like "brought sum snow in this joint 2 prove global warmin aint real!! just owned all these libtards!! lmaoing @ yr lyf rn!!!" like GOSH! that's not how this works at all!! HI my name is clam hanson welcome 2 my ted talk!!

so u wanna know why this isnt how any of this kuso works??? rn, as of 1/29/2019, there's what ppl are callin a "polar vortex" movin from the north pole down 2 where i live an places around here. i think theres a name other than "polar vortex", but whatevr. so bc of all these factories n stuff like that pukin up their chemicals in2 the atmosphere, its makin a blaket around our atmosphere, trappin heat. so bc all this heats goin up 2 the atmosphere, its makin the arctic 2 hot 4 the polar vortex to be there, so it moves away, and then it makes the midwest all janky. so all of these ppl sayin "aw the midwest is 2 cold, so global warmin aint a thing!" man its cold bc of climate change!! also, ppl sayin stuff like "wow its cold in winter, global warming amirite?" alright, so i explained one thing wrong w/ this, heres sumthin else wrong w/ this: yea its supposed 2 b cold in winter, but good lord not THIS cold! also idk if other guize had this, but where i live we didnt rlly get any snow till early january. that's not normal, either. It's not "global warming", it's climate change, as in the climate- how weather normally goes- is changing in ways that screw with the plants n animals n stuff like that. SO in conclusion, the idea of "It's very cold, I don't see how global warming is a thing" is incorrect, because what we call "global warming" is making the polar vortex move south, which brings arctic temperatures with it.

or maybe i'm wrong, and okina is just jankin with us for sum kicks


gosh, i'm gettin friday off, too. ive had the whole week off of school!!!!! bein a NEET seems pretty cool now!!

ye i dont got much else 2 say... climate change is still pissin me off, but nah dont worry guize it aint real hahahahahahahhahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right??????????????????

o yea i 4got 2 mention when i got my new laptop sumthin musta janked up some of my files, so all my progress on impossible spellcard was deleted. that SUX!! but i cleaard all scenes days 1 thru 9, but i still gotta finish day 10. BTW, heres how you clear 10-4 (remilia's spinny knife spell i think). if you max out the ghost lantern and use the hammer as your sub, you can go into ghost mode right as remiry starts spinnin the knives like crazy, and end ghost mode right as the knives stop spinnin like crazy, so thats how i beat 10-4. takes a few tries to get it, but i think thats how yr supposed 2 do it.


its already feburary 6....... GJSKGH. anyway, i got the day off again 2day bc its too icy. totally wacky!!!

i updated the music player (agin), but i addded the instruemtnal 2 "car thief" by the beastie boys bc that songs instruemtnal is perfect and its 1 of my fav songs from them!!

i might make another thing for "garbage", but idk what 2 make.


OH GOD I BEAT MOKOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beat mokou!!!!!!!!!!! mokou has been beaten!!!! mokou!!!!! thers more mokou stuff on the touhou page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd extra clear!!!!!!!! now that's what i call a victory royale!!!!!!!



hey guess what????????????????????? suwako!!! beat!! i beat suwako!!!!! it felt rlly surreal thoguh!!!!! suwako has been beat!!! SUWAKO!!!

thers more suwako stuff on the 2hu page!! now thats what i call another victory royale!!

so whats the time???? its time 2 get ill!!!!

also uhh i realized that the dancing orin gif, yknow the one, it uhhhhh kinda syncs up with "make some noise". orin's got good taste!


TEXAS!! i was in texas 4 most of spring break!! had a rlly nice time and guess what i found???? so we went 2 this japanese book store and they had copies of strange creators of oouter world!!! it was from spring 2018, but whatevr!!! its all in japanese, but it comes w/ a cd!!! i havent listened to it yet, but boy is it cool!! oh also i took sum fumo pics!! we went to a botanical garden and there was a bunhca fumo pics taken!!!

so yea thats why i was gone 4 so long!! gomenasai!!!!!!

also i updated the usic player 4 springtime!!! not as much stuff this time, but whaterv. uhhh thers sum PCB on there bc spring. thers nothin from hsifs bc i couldnt find anything 4 aunn. whatevr!!!!!!



touhou 17 demo is coming out 2day!!!! have you seen the demo cd?? cute newhu!!

so ppl are talkin about whne the demos gonna come out, and i gues s ppl have been sayin its gonna come out at 10:30 AM jst, which is like 9:30 PM in michigan time, so its gettin pretty close!!

but then sum ppl said that the demo probbly will be up for donload 2 hours l8r, so i gotta wait till what? 11 or 12? and that sux, but whatevr!!

also orinrinrin better be a playable 4th! yea ik its rlly unlikely, but a game about animals?? in hell??? sounds like orin!!!


just beat flan-chan!!!! ended w/ 1 life and 3 bombs!!!!! i died once in the stage, and bombed all through patchy. i did pretty good w/ flandoll, i captured a buncha spells!!!! i've never made it to QED before this, her timeout usually janks me up, but i had extra bombs so i got through her timeout!!

who's next??? idk im prolly gonna go back to doing 1ccs for a bit, gotta unlock more extras!!


shcool is out 4 the summer!! well i mean its been out since 6/2, but whatever. umm i passed all my exams which is good.................... not much else ahppening rn.

BUT ANYWAY guess what????????????? ahhhh i got my first hard mode 1cc!!! imperishable night with border team!!!!!!!! i can sit at the cool kids table now :^)


mmmmmmmmmmmm its summer now!!!! well i mean it was 2 days ago but whatever. anyway, i made a new playlist for summer, which i think is alot better than the spring playlist. its got lots of imperishable night, cuz summer nights, ya knwo? anywya, that makes a whole years worth of season playlists!! prolly gonna reuse them, maybe if i find somthin sugoi, ill add it l8r on.

also it was my birthday a few days ago!!! i bought a record player!!!!!! and i got a bunch of records for my birthday! i got paul's boutique, raising hell, and a bunch others!!! but its not all good.... i was an impatient fool. instead of waiting and saving up some more money for a better player, i bought a cheap $50 one from amazon..... which came broken, smh. so we returned it and got a new one... but it's still cheap as sin!!!!!!! my dad bought me ill communication, right?? so i go home and put it on the turntable, and it skips!! turns out its not the record's fault, but the players, bc its got a cheap needle. smh. i remember my ma tellin me "its not good to cheap out on electronics", and i shoulda listened to her, bc now i gotta save for a better one! i was a total baka >.<


4th of july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this year its SPEICAL!! you wanan know why??? bc this year we acutally have firewrorsk!! yea one of my freinds has a fireworks store sso my ma and i went down and bought some. not a bunch but like..... enough, ya know?

so anyway guess whos gettin a noise complaint tonight!!!!!


hahahaahahha i passed my written drivers test!!!!!! 72/80 boyzzzzz!!!!!1 my ma took me to get ice cream to celebrate, that was cool (literalyl!!!!! HA) but anyway, i still dont have my permit bc you gotta have like 6 drives and i only have 3 rn, but whatevr.

um..... whatelse....... right!!!! i got an aya fumo!!!!!! she's sooo soft and kawaii!! my ma doesnt know nothin about 2hu, but she said aya's her fav bc of her hat. one of these days i'll get the motivation to post sum moar fumo pics, but not today >.<


AHHHHHH so i was playin katawa shoujo, right??? (spoilers btw) and i was on lilly's route, and i was on act 4, and i selected "talk about the letter" or whatever, but guess what??? i stil got the neutral ending!!!!! i realize its bc i didnt have enough, idk flags for lilly i guess? but still!!! oh god the ending!!! wright in the kokoro!! god it was painful! now i gotta replay and fix whatevr i did that screwed it up, smh.

but holy christ that ending


alrighty guize i got a story 4 u!!!!!1 so a while back in liek, july i think, my friend calls me up on the phone and tells me abot how she had a rlly awkward encounter w/ the cashier at speedway. so she starts goin 2 speedway and she invtes me to come along w/ her. so anyway we start goin to speedway regularly and we start talkin w/ the cashier and tbh we go there just to hang w/ him. so anyway this bascially went along the whole summer, it was liek a uhhh... speedway arc, i suppose. anyway we're bascally tomodachi w/ the guy now, and some of the othr cashiers bcuz we come in pretty often. anyway 2day we came in and since school starts on monday and he's quittin his job soon, we gave him a card that said "worlds best speedway cashier" and it was pretty kakkoi.


alright so rn, i'm like 101% MAD!!! you wanna know why??? bc of that whole shibayan records thing!!! so basically some dope found one of shibayan's songs and put a lil trap beat over it and spent like, 2 years w/o giving credit to shibayan. only till shibayan sent him a copyright notice or whatevr, then he bothered to give credit. also he started monetizing it, which is a huge douche move, bc he's monetizing shibayan's song w/o clearing the """""""""""""""sample""""""""""""""" (its not a sample its just the whole song). but anyway here's the kicker. the thing thats really been pissing me off:

from here:"I've gotta get the sample cleared, but I don't have a good way of reaching Shibayan Records, the person who made the song, because of the huge language barrier," Murphy told Rolling Stone. This being 2019, he's already fielding interest from major labels, eager to leap on what might be a next 'Old Town Road' - if that pesky sample can be cleared, of course." this whole thing is just another case of some westerner taking japanese stuff and claiming it as their own, because it's obscure, in another language, japanese, whatever. it's always those "pesky samples" that gotta be cleared. why "pesky", though? is it because they're japanese samples and you just dont wanna go through the effort???? hmmmm........ "its japanese so its not like anyone's gonna notice we stole it" that thinking is a lil... it's kinda... whats the word.....

one last thing, since he's been thinking about signing on to a label or whatever (with music that can barley be called his own), and since you could call the stolen song a touhou remix, isn't it breaking ZUN's rules about monetization of his works outside doujin scenes? hmmm..... anyway, i'm totally pissed.


happy cirno day!!!1 its totally sugoi 2day bc its triple 9's!!! ummmmm i dont haev anythig else 2 say XD


ah!! updated my music player for fall!!!!! 1 of my favrite times of the year!!!! its real fun lookin thru 2hu remixes 4 the season!!! anywya i added sum new trackz, an arrange of spetermber pumpkin and also hartmanns youkai girl!!!! unfrtunatly ican nevr find any arrangs of nemuno's theme that i liek, its daijoubu thou XD.


uh oh!!!! ya kknow what day it is 2morrow??? uhhh hte homecoming dance!! ya im going but tbh i dont rlly want to but whatevr i gotta hang w/ my homies. anywayyyyyy thers a girl i was talkin 2 who was on the student council and they suggest music 4 the dance so i asked if they could play footloose and if they do, then im gonna hurt my other ankle so they match, ya know??? lmao wooden that b funny but my ma prolly wouldnt think so

anyway this next story is about drugz, so b careufl if yr senitive 2 that

so on sunday i rode my bike down 2 (city) bcuz i was board, and i went up to the library. so anyway as i was lockin my bike up, thers this dood whos totally stoned outta his mind, like 101% baked. an he was talkin 2 his gf, ya know totally whining to her bc from what i picked up she took away his weed so he would top smokin 4 a bit, but i gotta b honest it was kinda funny

so anyway if ya skipped the las t part uh you can keep reading now


OKEI!!!!!1 my laptop kinda SUXXX!!!! bc it does this ting wher it suddenly freezes, and the fan goes WRVHVSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH rlly loud, and i cant do nothin w/ it till the battery drainz all the way. i hate it!!! but so thats been happeneing alot l8ly, so my dads wonderin if i should get a new laptop and the andswer is YES i should but i dont want to bc i just gt this one and i dont want to hafta get a new one!!!!!!

soo anyway thats wher i've been rcently, not on the big internet but the chibi internet (mobile) and um... YUCK!!! but anywy even thou ive been gone 4 only a week, ive missed so many totally sugoi internet parties!!! an also ive missed the announcement of touhou 17.5!!! how could i have done that??? idk but i did!!! arghg and now theres a demo out >.>

so anyway i prolly wont b online 4 awhile after this update, bcuz updating my site on mobile SUXX!! (someone make a neocities app PLZ). oh god now im kinda sad... bcuz this reminds me of a final update and i dont want a final update!!! IF yr reading this, i am NOTTT taking a "temporray break" from neocities!! i am just unabel 2 update 4 awhile!!!


aaaaaaaaa so my computers doin alright, so u can kinda ignoar that last update, but whetevr. anywa, i got a story 4 u!!!! when i ws takin drivers ed, they were showin us the train videos, ya know, "you cant beat the train!!!" so anywya at the end of one of these videos, they were playin the backwards drum beat from paul revere, so when i heard that i was like "omg bro" but not w/ all the cool stuff, just the backwards hi-hat, i think? i dont know nothin about drums. but anyway i just couldnt focus after that, bcuz the lyrics were goin thru my head, and im just sittin there like "bro its paul revere"

ummm idk what else to say XP just a random story i got to tell (about 3 bad brothers you know so well)


its halloween!!!!!!!!!! this year im bein satori komeiji becauase she is a cute! A CUTE!!! and oh the costume is so great!!!!! my ma did most of the sewin, an i did the details (headband, buttons, flowers on the skirt, eye & eye uhh.... tubes?) oh its so beautfil i want to post picz and i might!!!!!! but not right now. its SNOWING rn!! can you believe it???? i mean normally im all about snow, but its gonna b real cold tric r trreatin now, smh.

speaking of snow, i heard we're gonna get a real nice winter liek last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks climate changee!!!!!!!!!!! hoping 4 a week offa school this year!!!

one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADROCK!!!!!!!! <333 you guize!!!


alright listen i aint a middle aged white lady, BUT!!! all i want for christmas is you is such a gr8 chistmas song. ik ik its cheezy, but god idk man. LET ME ESTABLISH THE SCENE, IF YOU WILL. it's 2012, december. i am in macy's (god knows why, we nevr go 2 macy's) with my mom. i am wearing my black and white snowboots and my hat my ma knitted for me. it's snowin real hard outside. all i want for christmas is you comes on the radio. we get some stuff for christmas presents, then leave. later, i am at my grandma's house, watchin the macy's christmas parade. the camera cuts to a talk show studeio. 2 white girlies are talkin abt christmas or somthin. one is wearin somthin blue. the studio gives off martha stewart vibes. END SCENE. so thats why i dig that song.

all the middle aged white ladies havin the dinging bells from the beginning of the song as their notification sound for december now


WHATS UP AMIGOS!!!!!!! its, uhhhhhh snowing!!!!!!! well no not rlly, but thers snow on the ground bcuz it snowed a whole lot a few dayz ago!!!!! is it time for the winter playlist??? hmmm....... i dont know. after thankgininv prolly.

BUT THATS ALL I HAFTA SAY RN!!!!!! im bizzy!!! w/ what???? ummmmmm trabslating the french pages of courze!!!!! its takin awhile but its somthin 2 do, ya know????????


wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa have you guize been readin the new 2hu manga????? ummmm thers the one that cme out ysterday, with... uhh i cant rembr her LMAO!!!! but also the one w/ satori!!! oh i love it!!! the art is sooo kawaii desu X3!!!! everyones design is soooooooo sugoiii~ i love it!! go read it!! i seen a lot of ppl sayin the art is "bad", lmaoing @ their livez!!!! the art is cute! CUTE!!!

i dont got much else 2 say, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ almost thakngsiving!! not gonna do much, well actually 2morrorw im gonna make rollz w/ my ma, which is always fun!

idk, im in a good mood rn. OH, right! i got an actual thing 4 makin moving pictures!! not ms paint anymre! the downside is that sumtimez its SSSSLLLLOOOOOWWWW!!!!! so maybe, -maybe- in the future ill post sum kewl stuff i made w/ that. ANYWAY!


I GOT A LT OF NRG!!!! but idk what iwant 2 do w/ all of it..... i could make page ive been wanting 2 make 4 a while or MKAE MOVING PICTURES!!!!!!!!



ooooooooooh its december now!!!!! that meanz a new playlist!!!!! its pretty muhc the asme 1 from last year, bcuz that ones pretty sugoi XDD anywhey hope u guize enjoy it!!!


ohhhh guize gues what day it is 2day....... ahhhh its my websites birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years!!!!!!! ahhhhh im so glad i've had this site for these years, its somethin thta keeps me goin, ya know???? so many nice memories from here..... ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU for three (3) years neocities!!!! herez to many moar!!!


so ummm i added a new page!!! its a knowledge page, like w/... idk. theres stuff on it rn, math stuff but ther might b other thingz later on!!! ummmmm oh thats right i still gotta link it to the sidebar, but i'll do that 2morrow!!

also bcuz its like winter now i added a santa yatsuhashi, she looks sooo kawaii desu!!


welp i had my first exams 2dayyyyyyyyyyyy well not not rlly i had my graphing exam yestrday but whatevr. ummmmmmm i ddi prtty well on the graphing exam, so i think the othr section ill do okei on. also hasd a chem exam 2day and i dont do well in thta class bcuz i spend most of my time in that class scrweing aroun w/ my friend buuuuuuuut whatevr. the exam was easier than the review (which i barely did!!!!!!!! XD)

also added my knowledge page to this page, so go chceck that out!!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA theres never anything to doooooo going online is mostly boring nowww and thers nothin to do in my godforsaken area w/o having to bike a whole long way away!!!!!!!!!!!!! alll i do now is take naps and go onlineee but thats boring!! but i wanna go outside but thers nothin to do outdieeeee!!!!!!!!!!! aaaa everything is boring i just want somthin interesting!!!!!

the absolute pain you feel when there is nothing paranormal or uspernatural or wahtevr is the worst pain

happppie new yearzzzzzz btww, ummm my new years revolution is to become more of a menace to society, bcuz im all talk and no action rn.


WHOOOPZZZZ gomenasai!!! for not updaitng in a while!!! my computer was bein STUPDI and i had to take it to the ppl who fix computers!!!! its all daijoubu nao!!

ummm i havent been doin much though, OH i been makin a lil "todo list" from my brothers computer when mine was broken, ummmmmmm its for a BIG touhou page. well maybe not a page more like a mini-site bcuz there isnt a whole lotta english 2hu fansites and you gotta be the change yuo wannan see in the world, amirite???

soooo i'll prolly start workin on that a lil l8r XP buuuuuuuut anyway i made THREE (3) buttons, they're at the bottom of this page (the home page rn) and they're the evangelion, sakuya, and hina ones. feel phree to used em wherever, idc if ya link to me or not. they're for YOU guize!! <3




okei so umm mu computer is being okay right nao... so ill be updatin a lil bit!!

frist of all im updating hte musci player bcuz its not winter anymore!!!! i added lots of stuff now bcuz the spring playlist never had that much muzak!

alsooo i added sum moar art to the sekret section of the site, lmao u prolly already know wher it is XP

ALSO 1 last thing.... SCHOOLZ OUT until the 6th LMAOOOOOOO i get all these dayz off so i'll prolly b updating alot!!!!!


so like a month ago maybe i was in bio, and wasnt paying attention bcuz i hate that class. so anyway i decided to draw a lil somthin for my friend, so i drew tenshi eating a corndog (sasuga) but added "if you like penis colada" and then "to:_______ from:______" to make it look like a postcard. SO ANYWAY, i was bored, board, today and i made that into a real thing!!

here it is, so what you can do is print it out then fold it down the line in the middle, so that both sides are facing outwards, then glue or tape them together. then you can mail it to whoever you want!! its 4x6 inches, so it'll be mailed as a postcard!! idk if the stamp square is the right size, but oh well!!

also, even though its mostly a joke, if you do use it PLEASE email me so i can see it bcuz that would be PHUNNY!


i added sum recipes to the knowledge page, so check then out if you're bored!!


SUGOI!!!!! 100,000 views!!!!!!!! didnt think i'd ever get this far, tomodachis!! it rlly meanz alot to me, guize... although liek, alot of the views are from me updating the site, oh well, shikataganai!!! ^^'7 but anyway guize, yr all so kakkoi!!!!! arigatou from the very bottom of my kokoro!!!! <33333


i added another recipe to the knowledge page, its called "wobbly brick" so try it out sometime!!!


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sure is gr8 bein in a poLICE state!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smh theyre called poLICE for a reson........... theyre a parasite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh hold on yr protesting the murder of an innocent black man????? how about i uh....... sabotage it so the media portrays the protestors as inciting violence!!!!!!!!!!! god tbh all the riots n stuff are 100% justified...... ppl are angry and theyve been angry for YEARS!!!! peaceful protest gets us NOWHERE!!!! the government wont stop killin innocent ppl of color if we ask nicely, the only reason the murderer is gettin charged is bcuz of all these riots!!!!! we gotta show them the power of the ppl and show them we're so fucking sick of the police goin on crazy power trips and killing ppl who arent white. i stg a cop could just walk into a house and kill a poc (its happened before), and all those "all lives matter" ppl would be on the cop's DICK sayin stuff like "well they shoulda complied ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, maybe they had a rough day, well you know not all cops are bad" like god just shut the FUCK up, you only say "all lives matter" when police brutality is an issue, if all lives mattered you wouldnt be saying "well they shoulda entered legally if they didnt want their kids in cages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯", if all lives mattered you wouldnt be saying "well its their freedom of speech to spraypaint a swastika on a synogauge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯", if all lives mattered you wouldnt be saying "well if she wasnt wearing something so revealing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯", stop saying "all lives matter" when its obvious you just mean "straight cis white men's lives matter". god why cant you get off the police's dick for once and just listen to what poc are tryna tell you? smh and then ya look online and ya see the pressy-dent bein threateaning to sic the military on the ppl... the same ppl who contantly jack off over everything he does and say shit like "wow look at china they have NO FREEDOM unlike us who live in GODS COUNTRY", man they dont realize, do they???? they'll point to china and say "if that goddamn COMMIE wins office we'll end up like CHA-NA and they'll arrest you for speakin out gainst the GOVRNMENT!!!!!" but protestors in "gods country" are being arrested for using their first ammendment rights!!!!!!! and btw, speaking of the constitush, thers some good stuff in there, specially regarding tyrannical governments. and ppl will argue about the definition of "tyrannical" and how our government is nothing like that, but they're lying to themselves. bcuz unfortunately a lot of ppl have unknowingly been fed propaganda their whole lives, and believe that this is truly the way to go. theyve been conditioned to look at nice things, and say "well it sounds nice on paper, but it would never work", and then you ask why, and they'll harumph and say "go read a history book", not realizing that those history books are the reason they believe they can't have nice things. fuck this kinda went away from its original purpose, but my points still stand. anyway the police are a parasite on the scalp of the people, and the government can GET OFF MY DICK!!!!!!!!

in other news, i've updated my music player for summer ^.^


alsooooooooooooooo btw here is a link 2 a yootoob video and if ya like, watch w/o adblock all the money from ads will go to black lives matter movements, which is good if ya have no money like me. all the kpoppies in the commentz are tellin ya how to stream 4 viewz, so uh.... do that. i got it playin in anothr tab, so uh.... yea go do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


how are thingz goin, clam hanson???????? hmmmm, not good. i've started listening to weezer ;_;


GOD i hate summer!!!!!!!!!!! its tooo hot rn!!!!!!!!!! my parents room is the only room in da haus w/ an ac unit, so im just hangin out in ther all day. AND THEN its too hot in my room to sleep AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. but tbh my parents room is pretty comfy, im hangin out w/ my fumos in there :^))))))

speakin of fumos, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and my ma bought me a suwako fumo and a reisen keychain!!!!! theyre so kawaii desu!!!!! it was vry nice of my ma to do that, shes great and i love her <333333

one of these days when it is less hot ill go out and take some pics of suwako, but not right now!!!!!


so recently i've been working on a section of the websyte thats all like, touhou themed, bcuz i LVOE TOUHOU!!!!!!! but um anyway, i havent opened the linkz to those yet, but they're there!!!! keep an eye out tfor them in the future!!!


okay so what i think im gonna do is make a new page for stuff on garbage.html, thats like, shit. like, i'll move all the shitty stuff i made into its own page of damnation.

ALSO!!!!!!!! so you guize know how last summer i spend a whole lotta time hangin out at speedway w/ my buddies to talk to the cashier??? yea he's back!!!!!! but i've only gone twice this summer bcuz of a disease thats goin around or smth, idk.... but wjatever!!! as they say in japan, shikataganai!!!!!


so i told you guize abt the speedway cashier..... 2 dayz ago was his last day ;_; my buddies and me made a card for him before he left............ HE LIVES IN MY HEAD RENT-FREE!!!!!!! GOD I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont think i'll be able to get over him, fellas ;_;

also i finished the touhou guide page, but the rest of the section isnt opened yet, so uhhhhh yea! ^_^




yesterday i spent the day hangin out w/ my dad!!!!! we went downtown and got sushi 4 lunch, then we went 2 da river to eat it, then we watched ppl go fishing!!!!!!!!! we went 2 da fish ladder and got 2 see some fish goin up, whcih is sugoi bcuz the last times ive gone down there, there weren't any fish ;_; then we went to da record store and i bought ABBA the album and love bites by buzzcocks bcuz i'm SWIMMING in cash rn from birthday money!!!! it was real nice to hang out w/ my dad, he's real great and i love him <3333333


happy cirno day everone ^-^!!!!!!!!! its nice and chilly today, very fitting XDDDD

and with that, its time to replace my summer playlist with my favorite one!!!!!!! so as of now (10:56AM), i havent added any new songs yet, but when im done with school i will!!! aaaaaaaa im so excited bcuz my autumn playlist means its basically fall which is basically halloween which i DAISUKI!!!!!!!!! im gonna be sumireko usami for halloween bcuz i got the hair and glasses already LOL XD!!!!!! when im done with the costume maybe i'll show it 2 u guize!!!!!

ik trickrtreatin is prolly gonna be #cancelled, but it cant be helped u_u it kinda sucxz thou bcuz a good buddy of mine has halloween parties and theyre SUGOI!!!!! but theres prolly not gonna be one this year ;_; but halloween is like, not even soon!!!


typing dis in class rn, shit fucking sucks. God it's so awkward >.< but like, at least now I can actually edit my site in class LMAOOOOOO but it sucks bcuz it's on my phone.

anyway, I made a dress yesterday with the pattern I'm gonna use for sumirekos dress. Its not her actual dress, but it's the same pattern. Well, actually I made the dress like, a week ago, but the pattern was for ants and didn't fit, so my ma drafted a larger size which is what I used for this new one. And it fits PERFECTLY!!! So what I'm gonna do is dye it purple and add frawgs and make it a suwako dress. Bcuz you can make like, make a million touhou dresses with the same basic shape. I couldda made Sakuya, youmu, rumia, cirno, uhh... nazrin maybe? Man idk I just wanna wear pretty dresses.


have I ever told you guys how much I fucking hate ap lang?? I'm writing this on my phone rn, so i can't do a lot of typing stuff I normally do. But anyway I fucking hate this class. My teacher was talkin about like, how taking this class will help you in college, then she started talking about like, "if you go to college and drop out because you can't "hang" with them (as in, academics), then rack up $75000 in debt, you can't pay that off working at Starbucks" girl ik its been YEARS since you've been to college, but the world doesn't work like that anymore. You gotta cure cancer or smth like that to get an entry level job after college. I'm gonna be trying to pay back thousands of dollars in debt regardless if I drop out or not. Also yesterday she had us write a precis, and today we're revising them, and she said "I gave you guys feedback" you didn't give us SHIT!!! you gave us a vague, ill- defined number and said "make it enough" girl WHAT??? you literally gave most of the class a 7 and didn't tell us what to do from there. WHATAFUK ARE WE DOING WRONG?? And oh my god don't even get me started on teaching the test. Every class period you say smth like "On the ap exam the college board wants to see this or this or..." Like ik teaching the test is a bigger problem than just one classroom, but YOU'RE the one who said "uea when I was your age I thought the world was divided into leaders and followers", which is a shitty take from the start, but girl you ARE being the follower by teaching the test!! God and idk if this is a universal ap lang thing, but ALL the things we're analyzing is by George Bush. ??????? Ok ig.... anyway, politics aside, who da hell cares about rhetorical analysis anyway??? If I'm gonna be analyzing shit, ik it's not gonna be "the rhetorical choices or rhetorical moves" or whatever the fuck it is. All the terms sound the same, why do we need a million words to describe the same thing????? What's it called again?? Right, the classical model. Man, who tf cares? Ik that the point of English classes and analysis is to like, make sure you know what kind of message someone is sending you (as in, if they're trying to get you to think something, or to not fall for propaganda, or just to like, know what kind of messages you're being sent in a text) but like, teach it in a better way!!! Also, they're supposed to teach you how to not fall for propaganda, but we're LITERALLY analyzing speeches by Bush without discussing him and his presidency. Our class, other than the teacher, was too young to remember his presidency, and also we barely cover his presidency in us history, so like... idk man. There's also the issue of academic racism and classism, but I've already talked enough today. In conclusion, I fucking hate ap lang and the college board can gargle my balls.

and on that note, i made a new button about how i hate the college board. feel free to use it as much as you like, just please link back to my site ^.^ arigatou~!


so if u havent noticed, i've been doing octouhouber 4 dis month!!! its uh.... kinda hard coming up with ideas and executing them everyday tbh... BUT!!! i know i can do it!! GANBATTE!!! you guize should do it too, its hard but its real FUN!!!! so go check out garbage.html to find them!!!!!


kwik update on octouhouber, im not gonna do day 6 (dream), bcuz i fuckig FORGOT!!!!!! AAAAAA WASURETETA!!!!!!!!!!! so instead when i finish my sumireko usami costume i'll post that for day 6, bcuz ya know... sumireko.... dreams... yea


plot 2 kidnap big gretch???? shits crazy man!! who comes up with this stuff?!?!

anyway i thikn that we as a society do not talk enough about 9th grade orchestra and how fucking chaotic it was, i dont think i will ever recover from that. only an hour everyday, but so much.......... stuff ig. maybe i'll write about that later

also i uh..... am gonna do more octouhouber, just uh..... not right now..... or smth like that ;_;

so my ma made me go outside today, because all i do is sit and be miserable in my room all day, so anyway i went outside and rode my bike around for a few hours........ its nice tbh. i should do it more often (thats what i always say LMAO) but anyway it was da perfect temperature of 77, nice fall smell, just me on da bike......... i dont have to think about anything. goin down da trails is nice, i took some nice pics. but GOD do my legs hurt!!!

also why the FUCK does da inspector gadget theme fuck so hard??? shit makes my brain feel nice


UH OH!!! DEBATE TIME!!!!!!! 5 MINUTES!!!!!

ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!!

fuck ig not. minute left smh

ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!!

fuck i wasnt paying attention whats going on

"we're gonna learn to live with it" smh.... smh....

interrupting begins

i think their facial expressions inbetween speaking.... its funnyyyy

cuomo in new york??? RIVERS CUOMO?!?!!?? IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY MY SWEATER?!?!?

wonder what i would be like with bernie on stage.... i can dream....

?????// nobody tougher on russia? boy you cant get off their dick

he isnt answering the fackin question...

bringing up the taxes.... interruptions.... if i didnt pay any taxes...

no u

you're the big man.... i think

"ive paid milions and millions of taxes..." man fuck off

well tbh idc anymore


spoilers for evangelion rebuilds

GAH I LOVE REI AYANAMI SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!! also i rlly like da fight scenes in da rebuilds, especially mari's fights. shes cool i like her. AAAAAA REIIIIIIIIIII I LOVE HER SO MUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


habby halloween guize!!!!! i cant go trig or treating this year ;_; but there's alwasy next year!!!!! im sumireko usami this year, maybe ill upload picz l8r... the cape is so kakkoi!!!!! AND its supposed to snow 2morrow!! sugoi!!!!! anyway guize i hope u have a sugoi hall of ween this year, pls dont throw bigass parties!!!!!



next week im gonna take da seele of biliteracy test for french...... tbh im prolly not gonna do real sugoi.... but i got moar chances 2 take it in da mirai (japanese for future >.<) ik its next week but im excited bcuz im real good at french!! (yea as if, you havent updated the french section in FOREVER!!!) WHATEVER!!!! im excited abt it!!!!!

also its supposed to be 71 this week?? WHATAFUK MAN?!?!?!? someone's gotta call reimu to fix this....!

also idk if youve seen this but on tiktok there have been alot of "jokes" about flints water, or michigans water in general. like when michigan was still red ppl were saying shit like "lmao dont go asking for clean water now" or shit like that, or after michigan turned blue ppl were like "ok you can have your water back" or whatever, just really shitty jokes about flint. please shut the fuck up, its not funny, its not edgy, its not "woke". these ppl dont understand how big of a problem flint's water is, and i mean i could go on all day about how shitty its being handled, but like, please just shut the fuck up about their water. god i dont even know what to say..... back in june they were all "hello kitty says acab!! my melody says blm!!" with that stupid fucking pleading emoji, but now its funny to joke about a city with mostly black residents having poisoned water...... idk man, its just fucked up.



i need to go outside more


OOOOOOO its thanksgiving break now!!! ig this year they r bein naisu and they r letting us have monday and tuesday off aswell!! sugoi!! so 2day i celebrated getting da week off by taking a nap!!!

and also.... i finally added the new touhou page onto here!!!!!! so wen u click da touhou link on teh sidebar, u will go to the new touhou page w/ all of the kakkoi new pages i've made for it!!! its not totally finishd yet, but go check it out kudasai!!


im gonna download umineko..... pray for me


so i tried to download umineko..... but the download wouldnt work!!!!!!!! smh whatever

but anyway, its like ,snowing out rn, so that means its winter!!!!!!! which means i get to add my winter playlist!!! sugoi!!!! i didn't add any songs this time, idk i think my winter playlist is pretty good for songs rn. it better keep snowign or im gonna go CREZY!!!!!!!!!!

jk i added new stuff just now. its the normal winter playlist btw, not da chrismas one



thansgivn break is over now.. i woke up at like 2am and couldnt go back to sleep so i went downstairs and got water at 3am and stayed on my fone till 5am then i closed my eyes n tried to sleep but i still couldnt and then i heard my dad waking up and showering then i finally slept a lil then my alarm went off, and at that moment i understood what drove people to kill. so i was ass tired the whole day and then when i was done i went online and then played on my ds and then i finally slept except i didnt really because my door was open and i heard ppl talking downstairs but i didnt want to get out of bed to close the door so i kinda stayed there till my ma came upstairs and i said "ma could you please close the door" and she closed the door but i was kinda alreayd awake at that point so i kinda just closed my eyes and rested for a while then i went downstairs

anyway guys umineko didnt download my computer restarted when i was at like, 20% so i just gave up


GUYS ITS MY WEBSITES BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!! its four years old now XDDDD!!!! it seems liek such a long time ago >.< but only 4 yearz!!! waht a special day.... teh website n me have been 2gethr for 1/4 of my lyfe!!!!! to all my frens on neocities, arigatou for makin these 4 years so subarashii ;_; !!!!!


okay guys i finally downloaded umineko an i started playing it yesterday >.< i havent got very far yet (duh) but i will let you know when i finish!!! (20 years from now LOL XD)


HAI GUIZE GUESS WHAT?!!??!?! i just finished teh 1st (first) episode of umineko!!!!!!1 pretty crezy shit huh?????? i hvnt read da tea party yet but ill do that 2morrow >.< its late!!! my favorite charaters are natsuhi and shannon!!!


just finished da second (2nd) episode of umineko!!!! evil sick and twisted LOL!!!!!! i also read da tea party and teh ????? kakkoi!!! also, touhou?? in MY umineko no naku koro ni?? its more likely that you think!! what a kawaii scene!!

also i haev winter break starting 2day!!!!


okei i jus finished teh third (3rd) episode of umikeno!!!!! what a twist at the end, huh?? ....maybe i should learn how to use surprise boxes for these umineko updates ^^7 anyway, i like the chiester sisters, they remind me of reisen and the lunar bunnies! OH also there were a lot of sick quotes in this one, especially kyrie and rudolf's, i think kyrie is one of my fav characters now!! when i finish reading everything, i'll probably make a umineko page, so stay tuned 4 tht!!!


almost forgot the christmas playlist!! added that now... thats all!!!


ehehehe happy late christmas everyone~! i had a vry sugoi chritsmas, i got an otome no sewing book, we had smoked salmon n steak for dinner, and my fumo that i ordered during the august sale has finally shipped!!! it was a very nice christmas!!!

so because its not chirtmas anymore, i changed teh music player to the normal winter playlist :^)

ALSOO i finished teh fourth (4th) episode of umineko!!!! all the question arcs are done now!!! whats the deal with lambda and bernkastel??? also, i keep going into higurashi threads or 07th expansion threads, but i end up getting spoiled!!! how could this happen!??!?!??! LOL!!

and now, its NYE (new york eve) LOL just kidding, its new years eve.....................! it cant be helped i guess. i was invited to a party but i had 2 turn it down bcuz of liek, teh disease goin around ;_; and it suxkxczz because those new years parties are always fun, its just me n a few other frens n my frends brothers friends ;_; next year...


just finished da fifth (5th) episode of umineko..... they really had us in the first half!!!! also i ddnt like gaap in the last episode but shes like, okay now, i guess. luv battlah, luv beatrice, luv natsuhi, 'ate bernkastel, 'ate erika, 'ate lambda, simple as


MY FUMO ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a late christmas present to my present self from my past self, how nice of her!!!! back in august there was the big fumo sale so i placed an order (well, it was technically my ma who ordered it, i just gave her the money) and it finally arrived!!!!!! BUT (two)WHO IS IT?!?!?!??!? well by the thyme i could place an order, reisen was alreayd sold out, so i just told my ma to surprise me and GAH she didnt give any hints!!!!!!! ANYwAY ITS YUYUKO!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa shes so kawaii desu~! i dont have many pics rn, and i'll post some 2morrow bcuz its LATE!!!!!!


ooooooh i finished the sixth (6th) episode of umineko... what an emotional roller coaster!!! i leanred spoiler text, so read at you own risk....

spoilersGAH battler looks so handsome in his new cape!!! i still fuking hate erika and bernkastel... lambda is alright now. i loooved the wedding between beatrice and battler.... guys theyre fucking married now!!!! i also really liked featherine...... but then i read the ???? and now im kind of scared for what happens next.... i dont want the happy ending to go away!!!!! also ronove, virgilia, and gaap are some of my favorite characters now. i mean i always thought ronove was kakkoi, but virgilia and gaap are like, cool now


hehehe i had exams last week, whihc is why did didnt updayte alot. but i passed them!! i got a 100% on my french exam, how lucky!!

anyway, i also just finished the 7th episode of umineko..... almost done now......

spoilers, read at your own risk.... BERNKASTEL THAT BITCH!!! how could rika-chama become like this??? anywayi rlly liekd lion and will, they're kakkoi!!! i dont know waht 2 expect for the next episode...... i want to see beatrice agen.......... i lvoe her....


guys....... i finished umineko.....

spoilers... ;_; GUYS THEY'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ANGEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BATTLER AND BEATRICE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER IN THE GOLDEN LAND WITH EVERYONE!!!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh god oh fuck i cried so much they'll always be together in the golden land!!!!!! is this it??? is this when they cry??????? oh god oh fuck i lvoed it so much go read umineko. UWAAAAAA and you can continue to live as long as you have hope!!!!!! ;_; ;_; ;_:


yea one of thhese days ill make the umineko page........ not rn though, i havent completely recovered yet.

also all the shit in texas rn..... its like the flint """"""""jokes"""""""" all over again...... have ppl learned nothing from those?????? ppl are out there freezing and all ppl wanna say is "well they laughed at california during the fires lol i have no sympathy" OHH MY GOD SHUTTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP you're telling me every single texan laughed at california??? you're telling me every single texan voted for ppl who dont believe in climate change?????? you're telling me every single texan supports the politicians responsible for this??? HOLY SHIT I DIDNT KNOW THAT!!!!!!! i cant believe 30 million people all think the same way! THATS FUCKING BONKERS MAN!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO do you notice how the areas in texas that still have power are the rich white areas?????? im beginning to see a pattern here..........


UUWOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH NEW TOUHOU ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!! touhou 18: unconnected marketers!!!!!!!! and sakuya AND sanae are playable!!! sugoi!!! looks like the new gimmick is like, a card system thing???? idk but it looks fun!! the kanji in the title means rainbow dragon cave.... meiling???? i can dream!! demo on march 21 and release in may!! how soon!!!!!!! you can read more about it here in japanese, or here in english!


well the snow's starting to melt, so i guess its spring now!! so i changed teh muzak player, and added two (2) new songs!!! i never could find a lot of fitting music for this playlist, so i always try to add new stuff when i can. anyway i hope u enjoyee!!


hahuhhauhuhuhuhahuhuahuhuhahhhuahuh touhou 18 cd hhauhuehuhuhauehuaheuahehahuhuehuahheuh

BUT THIS TIME MAYBE THE NEWHU IS A BOY!??!?!!???? hmmmmm........ guess we will wait for the demo release and see!!!!


lole i got the new 2hu demo!!!!!!! i stayed up so late last night to see if someone uploaded it, but i got tired of waiting and decided to just pick it up when i woke up!! so i did, but my computer was being a piece of shit and kept deelting the .exe when i tried to run it!!!!!! smh smh it said it was a virus smh but anyway i finally got it to run!!!!!! i think my favorite nuhu this time is the stage 3 boss, sannyo komakusa!!!! she looks like one of the moon sisters idk which i can never remember their names BUT ANYWAY i love her theme and i think her design is really cool with her pipe n stuff (LMAOOO like beatrice) and GAH i love her attacks! they look so pretty!!!! anyway i think its very fun so far, i really like the gimmick it think its really cre8ive and i cant wait 2 see the hole game!!!!!!


UWOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so i started making an umineko page, except its gonna be like... uhh idk lemme thkin rq..... its like, gonna just have abunch of random umineko shit on there because i love umineko, but i dont have the motivation to do a whole "organized" page like the touhou or vocaloid pages. so its gonna be random shit. BUT i decided to go all-out with the theming of the page, like its gonna be real cool. i deecidedd to put all the effort into the presentation of the page rather than the content, because i think it would be a cool challenge to do. a lot of this site is writing-based with presentaion second, so i decided to like, switch it up this time!!!!!! so anyway i was trying to get a sticky image of a line of crosses to go across the top of the page, and it ended up taking a hella long time just to figure out whadahell i had to do. i stg i started at like 10 or smth and smh smh its 1am now..... GOD i fucking HATE trying to position shit on my site!!!!!! ANYWAY the page is linked now, so go check that out!!!

ALSO today (well technically yesterday, 3/31/21) i got my first covid shot!!!!!!! it was super super easy!!! how nice!! but anyway now my arm fucking hurts ;_; but it cant be helped <3


happy "i took the sat today" day........ ._. i had to ride my bike 2 skool to take the test bcuz i do online school this year, i got there in time yeah yeah yeah whatever. it was PISS EASY though XDDDD i saw one of my good pals there, also *** and ***. it was nice 2 talk to them bcuz i dont see a lot of ppl this year >-< but it cant be helped ;_; next year is gonna be my fucking year!!!!!!! anyway then i went home after testing bcuz remote students were allowed to leave if they had transportation so i rode my bike home then like, right after my ma aand i went nd got a big sushi platter for us all (takeout ofc) as a "CONGRATZ MAN!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDD", so then i ate a whole buncha sushi then took a nap. sometimes shit isnt so bad. anyway i gotta do it all again 2morrow for the act and state testing -_-


GOD IM SO FUCKING ANGRY 101% MAD so i was supposed to take the ap gov exam 2day right?????? and so have my ma drive me 2 school to take the exam and i get there and im talkin w/ my frens who i havent seen in a long time and we're in a line to get our answer sheet and for them to mark us present so we get to the front of the line and i say my name and my name isnt on the list!!! so they ask me to step aside and then they talk to the principal and so then it turns out I WAS NEVER SIGNED UP TO TAKE THE TEST?!! WHATAFUK MAN?!?!??!?!? i remember eaerlier in the semester my teacher emailed me all like "it says ur not gonna take the test r u sure?" and i say "whatafuk man i coulda sworn i signed up for the test" and she emails me back "lolk no worries we have it figured out now" or whatever, and i double check w/ my ma to make sure she signed me up for the test...... and now months later here i am. im so fucking mad. so anyway i talk w/ them and then they say "looks like you'll have to go back to class :(((" and i say "can my mom pick me up" and they say "lolk" so i leave the gym where we were doin the test and i walk into the bathroom and call up my good pal n tell him all about it and then i call my ma to take me home n tell her whats happenin and im so fucking mad. so then i decide "fuck it i'll just take the rest of the day off" and so i eat a bunch of goldfish and then i go back to bed. im so fucking mad guys. and then when i wake up....

LOLWUT MAN?!?!?!? THE NEW 2HU IS OUT?!??!?!? A DAY EARLY!!!!!!!! SUBARASHI!!!!!!!!! i uh.... didn't 1cc it bcuz i have no idea what the cards do.... guess i'll wait till the translation to come out ;_; but i think the final boss is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!! GAH her design is so fucking goofy i love it though she looks so cute~!!!!! i havent played the extra stage yet but the extra boss looks pretty cool, lol she looks like she'd be friends with hecatia!!!! also whatafuk is up with stage 4 boss's danmaku??? GOD i had a hard time with that!!!!! anyway it was pretty fun but i'll bet it'll be even more fun when i know what the cards do XDDD

one last thing i got my 2nd covid shot a while ago and i felt like shit but im better now :D

also yes ik my music player isnt working idk whatafuk is up w/ it so i'll take it off till i figure smth out bcuz it makes me sad looking at it ;_;


i haev a job now!!!!!!!! my very good friend's family has a fireworks store so she called me up and asked "hey u want a job at the store?" and i said "yes please" and so now i have a job!!!! its nice and i get paid and its fun~! :D

now i can buy things online without having to give my ma cash and asking her "hey can u put this in ur bank account and then buy this please? btw you need some sort of shopping service for it ;_;" and then waiting for her to have time 2 go 2 the bank!!! how nice!!!!!!


lol skool is like, out or smth lololol AKSHUALLLY its been out for like, a week XDDDD but anyway i went out w/ some frineds a week ago and we were at a lake and i was in the lake and i stepped on a real fuckiing sharp stick that i couldnt see bcuz it was like, all muddy n shit. so anyway my foot starts fucking bleeding like CRAZY man like god you wouldnt believe it XD but anyway theres fucking blood everywhere its crazy deep and it hurts like hell....... anyway i get home and clean it up, treat it real nice, go 2 the doctor a few days l8r, they say i did a good job cleaning it up and they like, idk put smth on it. anyway it doesnt rlly hurt anymore and its healin good (lol healin good precure i think thats what its called idk LAWL) but anyway yeah thats whats been goin on. i got 100% on french exam, hehehe

but anyway now i have time to clean shit up on here, like finish the goddamn umineko page....... or start writing that okina essay....... ehehehe...... ^^7

oh also only a few weeks til higurashi sotsu...... boy i missed higurashi thursdays. some ppl say gou was shit, hmmm. it was a little goofy at times but it was fun. still lmaoing my ass off at satoko jail LMAOOO loli haet scool


good morning my dearest friends.. lol its morning now its 2am LOLOLOLOL ANYWAY sorry i havent been updating since a while, ive been very very veyr busy with work bcuz uhh i work at a fireworsk store and its july!!!!!! anyway it was hella busy the third, and it was like twice as busy as that today (when i say today i mean the fourth but whodahell cares)!!!!!!! so i woke up at 8:40 and i was leaving at 9 so i had to get ready real quick this morning >_< so we arrived around 10am and i worked p much nonstop till 12am!!!!!!!! WHATAFUK MAN!!!!!! AND i had the same song in my head the whole tiem!!!!! it was "im not okay" by mcr lololol but i like that song so i dont mind. i wasnt okay, too, so it like, fits or something!!!! anyway i was stocking shelves all day, so i was carryin all the heavy boxes n shit..... ahhhh my feet hurt so much!!!!!!! but its okay bcuz theres lots of families that come in and theyll bring their lil lil babies and ill think to myself "GOD i wish a had a daughter i would give her little gloves for her little hands and we'd go to the park and we'd and we'd and we'd ;_; ;_; ;_;" ohhhhh i wishi had a daughter ;_; but not really though i alreayd have enough goin on rn. anyway they said i did very good at work or smth and i also got paid so its all good. holla holla get dolla LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

also it was my birthday a few weeks ago, i am now a proud member of the 17 club~~ i got very very nice pair of boots that will last a very very long time, and theyre super comfy too!! its like the whole shitty 40 dollar boots you gotta keep buying new ones, or the 100 dollar boots that youll never need to replace..! anyway im really fucking tired so im going 2 bed now!!

im not okay..... im all worn out >_<


guysssss guess who passed their ap exams?!?!!? MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man oh man oh man i was so nervous signing in to check my scores i was shaking!!!! i was so sure i was gonna fail my ap calc exam bcuz i didnt even finish all the questions!!! UWAHHH!!! BUT ANYWAY i got a 3 on ap calc, which is still passing xP AND AND AND i got a 5 on ap lang!!! a five!!! thats the best you can get!!! i wish i knew what % of questions i got right, but whatever~ a five though!! oh i was so happy when i found out i passed them!! yeehaw!!!!


yesterday i had like, fuckin orientation for school n shit....... smh smh smh... but i saw my frens there n i was all scene queen bcuz our pictures were bein taken... god i fucking hope i looked good in them because i spent like an hour getting all scene n shit and if i didnt look good in my yearbook pic then whats the fucking point!?!?!?? anyway im takin intro to web design this year~ wonder if theyll get to see this website? YEAH AS IF!!! but anyway ye im gonna be like, graduated soon or whatever. my ma's always asking "ooo ur gonna b a senior how does it feel" and i say "nother day nother dollar."

anyway speaking of gradutationg or whatever i applied to college recently and i havent gotten an email back or whatever yet, but good things come to those who wait and patience is a virtue, rome wasnt built in a day all that shit. uhhh i wanna go for like mathematics n shit bcuz i like numbers and when numbers and shapes happen i fucking oughoguouohguhuoguohguohugohuoguhogu seamlessly solving shit?? god!!!!!!

ANYWAYYYYY ummmmm i havent been up to much else, i was in the top 3 in tf2 for a few rounds!!! i was engineer bcuz i like supporting my team from behind w/ teleporters n dispensers n shit, i like to use the frontier justice and eureka effect, or the gunslinger when im like, doing offensive. i also technically have the wrangler but i never use it bcuz i never know who to aim my sentry at >_< i like helping the other engineers, it builds camraderie LOLOLOL!!! anyway if u go on servers i might be there!!!!!

also 1 last thing i added cute icons to the sidebar, and i also did a new vocaloid song of the week entry!! after 3 fucking years!!!!!! キターーー(゜∀゜)ーーーー!!!!!


GUYS I GOT INTO COLLEEG!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am goin 2 ***** university and uhhh doing mathematics!!! and its cool bcuz the campus is wayy up norf and so then when i graduate ill get a lil cabin innawoods and ill like, have a sauna and like, uhh idk do shit ig!!!!! yeeehawwwwww!!!! anyway u know what they say: girls go 2 college to get moar knowledge, boys go to venus to get more cock!!!


happy cirno day every1!!!!!! i celebrated by drawing a kyuuute cirno in my calc notes~! shes so good at product integration!! remember cirno, u is the simplest term and dv is the complicated term!!!

ON LESS HAPPY NEWS........ UWAHHHHHH CASUAL.TF SHUT DOWN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; i cant believe this omg omg omg i miss so much already.......... and i tried looking for alternatives but i just cant find any that have the same feeling!!!! im a big fan of the vanilla servers, and i just cant find any that are pure vanilla and populated!! i mean, i guess theres but its just not the same. its not as..... uhh... idk. i liked how ppl would always talk 2 each other on, it was just like, casual n shit. i miss the casual feeling. creators is too like, idk... not-casual. and i dont like uncletopias class limits either, uncletopia also just isnt the same....... OH I MISS CASUAL.TF!!!!!!


mes amis cher sur neocities dot organization, je suis revenue à mes voyages!! j'ai été en ireland la semaine dernière!!! yeehaw!!! je suis revenue heir soir à 7 et j'ai dormi et puis je me suis réveillé à 4am et c'est 7am maintenent alors j'ai traîné maintenent!! ireland était très cool, je suis allée à beaucoup des châteaux, c'était très cool voir tout ça!!! et j'ai porté suwako avec moi et j'ai pris des photos avec elle!!! nous sommes allés à dublin et uhhh j'ai acheté des disques, beaucoup des merde cool. ireland m'a rappelé de michigan assez parce que il y a les glace partout et les routes sont... interessant, et en lieu des ferme abandonné à côté des routes, il y a des ancienne châteaux!! aussi des gens sont très sympa!! j'ai beaucoup des autres choses dire sur l'ireland... alors je le fera!!!

also vocaloid songs of the week will be returning this week~ yeehaw!

also, have u seen the last higurashi sotsu episode?!?!? WTF MAN!!?!?!?! god that shows a trainwreck but ah~ its so fun to watch!


happy umineko day!!! and also happbyhyub 2 yaeaaaaaar cicoaninoa aninvinerbeseryyy......... FUCK GODDAMNIT phase 2 never ever >_< speaking of 07th, uhhh higurashi sotsu ended. what the fuck man. all of that for that!?!?!? whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also the touhou popularity polls concluded, i forgot to fucking vote UWAHHHHHHHHH i was so busy with like, being away and shit i forgot to vote!! reisen got 14th, nice!!! and youmu got 1st again, omoshiroi!!!

ALSO THE MOST FUCKIING EMBARASSING THING HAPPENED WHEN I WAS PLAYING TF2 i was playing sniper bcuz i wanna get better at sniper and so i was playing on valve servers on koth_harvest and MAN SOMEONE IN CHAT SAID "bury bad" UUUUUWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THATS SO EMBARASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i couldnt say nothign bcus im f2p...... im so sorry man, im trying to get better!!!!! ;_; ;_; ;_; pleas be patient i am still learning~ GOD thats almost as embarrasing as the time i fucking UBERED A BONK SCOUT WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!??! and the scout i ubered was like "BRO MEDIC Y'D YOU UBER ME" and i said "sorry i got nervous ;_; ;_;" but he laughed he said he thought it was fucking hilarious... well im glad i gave him a laugh, it was pretty funny :^)))


guys... i think its time for me to get off my ass and translate some website shit. fucking hell. but its okay i can handle it. i want to translate. so anyway uhhhh the french section of this website??? gonna be fucking updated for the first time in hella years. yeehaw...

i wont be doing president.html or the archives, thats way too fucing much. slow n steady as they say... slow and low, thats the tempo


ugh merde j'ai besoin d'écris des mots en français maintenant. la vie est tellement difficile....

JOYEUX HALLOWEEN!!!! et aussi joyeux anniversaire, adrock!!! ahhhh je t'aime~ cette année je suis reimu hakurei, parce que elle est une mignonne! UNE MIGNONNE!!!! heir soir je suis allée aux fête d'halloween, c'était bonne~! je devrais ajouter des photos du costume de reimu, parce que c'est tres mignonne!!! et aussi j'ai fait le costume!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

ah et aussi ajourdhui j'ai peint le portrait de beatorice!! c'est pas le meilleur, mais j'ai essayé!!! alors je ajoutera le portrait sur le page d'umineko!!!