welcome to my garbage page. it isnt like the rest of the site bc i will be posting some godawful art i've made. i can (sometimes) draw better than this irl, and this is kinda my main style but kinda not. i guess what im tryna say is dont take any of this art on here seriously. anywhay.

just a pic of mokou doing her wacky 2am nightwalks

aNiMatIoN iS mY pAsSiOn!!!!1 anyway heres the wacky behind movers with marisa just stanign there. i made this in ms paint over 2 days, and i gotta say, im pretty proud of it. 8 frames of LOVE. also i fixed this, it used to have mai's shoes pink instead of green, and she was very jumpy. if you wanna see the old one, it's here

i really only spent a day on this. i was workin g on a different thing but i thiought it was ugly so i stopped working on it and made the comfy narumi instead

a new thing in record time!! it took a lot less time than "dancers" bc i only had to move the arms, not the whole body, and therw was only 1 yuuka. anyway, this was a lot funnier in my head, but idk i think its good.

i made this a very long time ago, like 2 years ago i think. but i nevr posted it bc i didnt feel like it. but now i do. the embodinment of america. it was like 1 am when i made this i think. good pic i think

utsuho REIuji. fun fact: the third impact was actually when rei said "im going to finish what utsuho started". also "hell and heaven meltdown?" more like im gonna mel t my computer bc this spellcard is kuso and i hate it





kick it over here baby pop, and let all the fly skimmies


watch out guys. they may think they look cool, but these are gensokyo's biggest dorks


its 12:56am, i went to bed at ~12, had this idea come into my head, couldnt let somthin like that go away, ya know???? anywah i came i saw i conquered, im kinda proud tbh i mean its made in ms pain but like its kinda a good edit anyway its almost 1 and i have oriendation tomorrow and i gott wake up early 4 that, reverse ohayou