HAI GUYZ I REALLZIED SOMETHING!!!!! i have many things 2 share wit da world!! that is the whole point of it all! to share!!! so i made dis page so i can give u tingz!!!

ther aint much on this page rn so ill uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh add moar l8r!!!!!!!

you are free to use anything on this page that i made!! i made them for you!!


feel free to use these buttons i made!! slap em on ur website, slap em on ur kittycat meowmeow, slap em on ur dicknballz!!!

DATAMINING uh.... i mean... questionnaire!!!

i am a huge sucker for these goofy-ass questionnaires so i made my own!! feel free to copipe on ur page and answer for urself!!!

1) time and date u started this?

2) asl?

3) opinions on musicals?

4) favorite snack?

5) have u ever been in love?

6) favorite pokemon?

7) mario kart main?

8) tf2 main?

9) do you laugh at youtube poops?

10) are you listening to music right now?

11) favorite shape?

12) do you believe in astrology?

13) do you believe in the occult?

14) opinions on vocaloid?

15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?

16) do you easily get stressed?

17) what is/was your favorite class in high school?

18) what pokemon type would you be? dual types are allowed lol

19) rei or asuka?

20) favorite html tag?

21) are you religious?

22) opinions on nightcore?

23) did you go through any major phase? (emo, goth, weeaboo, etc)

24) are you good at drawing?

25) do you crack your joints?

26) do you read visual novels?

27) can you sew?

28) can you cook?

29) most expensive thing you've bought?

30) opinions on cosplay?

31) what's your most hated band/musician?

32) are you a dramatic person?

33) what emoticon do you use most?

34) can a miracle certainly occur?

35) would you let a vampire suck ur blood?

36) do you have a celebrity crush?

37) do you like snow?

38) were you really into greek mythology as a kid?

39) what are some things you could competently deliver a speech on?

40) are you good at spelling?

41) which touhou wud u fuk?

42) do you think there's going to be a robot takeover?


44) would you be an angel or devil?

45) sine, cosine, or tangent?

46) do you like licorice?

47) whats one thing you cant stand that everyone else loves?

48) what books did you like as a kid?

49) can you play any instruments?

50) what song would you want to play at your wedding?

51) do you believe in reincarnation?

52) finish the sentence: I'm just a guy who ______

53) have you been to another continent?

54) whats your worst habit?

55) favorite vegetable?

56) whats something stupid that scared the shit outta you as a kid?

57) whats one of your guilty pleasures?

58) would you rather be a ghost or a vampire?

59) what do you fear most?

60) do you sleep with any plushies?

61) what hobby do you just not understand?

62) do you like the taste of alcohol?

63) are you a hopeless romantic?

64) which deadly sin best fits you?

65) which of your physical features do you like the most?

66) are your ears pierced?

67) have you ever been in a physical fight?

68) where do you buy your clothes?

69) where would you live if you could live anywhere?

70) do believe in magic? or is it all a trick?

71) have you read umineko when they cry? you should!

72) what is the worst chore to do?

73) what did your parents almost name you?

74) what would you want your name to be if you were not your current gender?

75) what were your first words?

76) what do you want your last words to be?

77) when did you first regularly start going online?

78) what year do you miss the most?

79) are you psychic?

80) would you fuck a clone of yourself? you're not allowed to kill yourself.

81) what do you use to listen to music?

82) whats the biggest city you've been to?

83) favorite animal?

84) what web browser do you use?

85) are you allergic to kitty cats???????????

86) do you like energy drinks?

87) would ever spend money on tf2 unusuals/csgo skins/gacha pulls/etc

88) when do you usually go to bed?

89) how often do you wash your hair?

90) would you download a car?

91) what was your favorite show as a kid?

92) whats the silliest hat you own?

93) what album/song do you're feeling angsty

94) do you make OCs?

95) whats the goofiest thing you do when completely alone?

96) do you like fireworks?

97) favorite painter?

98) favorite numbers?

99) what genre of vidya gaems are you really good at? (fps, fightan, danmaku, racing, whatever)

100) time and date you finished this?


here is where i'll put kyuuuute graphics i made that you can use for ANYTHING!!!! no need to ask for permission OR persimmions!!!! will be updated with more soon!

These ones are edits I made

sprite edits from kirby and the amazing mirror