Skipping Class with Fujiwara no Mokou

"I fucking hate Ms. Yagokoro. She's such a fucking bitch." Mokou said to you

"Yeah she kind of sucks ass." You reply

"No she literally sucks major ass. Fucking bitchass hag. I ain't goin to her goddamn class."

"What's she even teach again?"

"Bio. I fucking hate bio. I fucking hate Ms. Yagokoro. I hate the kids in that class. I need a goddamn cigarette."

The one-minute bell rang. You were going to be late if you kept talking with Mokou.

"Hey wait, you drove here today, right? You mind if I smoke in your car?" Mokou asked.


"Yes to what?"

"Yes, I drove here today. Yes, I mind you smoking in my car"

"God, you're such a hardass sometimes."

"Sorry man I don't want cigarette smell in my car. That shit doesn't come out, you know."

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Jesus Christ, I really don't want to go to bio."

You looked at Mokou. You could tell she was fixing for a cigarette from the way she was picking her fingernails.

"God, you know what? I also fucking hate bio." You say

"No literally. Shit sucks ass."

The late bell rang. You sigh. It was not a romantic sigh

"Alright, fine, let's head to the car." You say

"Oh hell yeah! Aw jeez, ain't this special! You never skip with me!"

You and Mokou enter the office and begin talking to the secretary. "My dad just called me, my sister just got into a car crash and he needs everyone home," you lie. "I think I might have a panic attack so he said it was alright if Mokou comes with." Somehow, despite showing no emotion in your voice, your dumbass lie works. You and Mokou sign out and head to the parking lot.

When you and Mokou exit the building, Mokou starts giggling. "Man, you suck ass at lying." She teased

"No way man, if you say you or one of your friends is having a panic attack you can get away with anything."

There's your car. It's a stupid shade of red, the kind of deep metallic red you only ever see on shitty cars. You unlock the car, and Mokou takes shotgun. Why did I write that, where else would she sit? In the fucking trunk?

Mokou starts rummaging through your CDs. Well, the CDs belong to you, but you burnt most of them for Mokou. You kind of hate her fucking music taste, but it means a lot to Mokou that you have her favorites in your car. Limp Bizkit. Fuck. It's just one of those days.

You pull out of the parking lot and begin driving to the discount mattress store. The guys there don't give a shit if you smoke behind the building. You, as in "vouz", not the individual you. You (the individual) don't smoke.

There isn't much conversation in the time between leaving school and arriving at the mattress store; there just isn't much to talk about. After arriving, you and Mokou head behind the building, near the dumpsters. Mokou grabs a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and shakes them against her hand, or whatever the hell smokers do. I wouldn't fucking know. She lights the cigarette and begins inhaling.

"Hey, thanks for takin me out today, man"

"No problem."

"I swear to God, if I had to go to bio today I probably would have killed someone. No, you know who I have in that class? I have fuckin Kaguya. Have I ever told you how much I fucking hate that bitch? God she thinks she's such hot shit, got an ego the size of my dick," Mokou takes another inhale. "Jesus Christ she gets away with anything just because her dad's rich or some shit. Fucking new money bastards. I remember when she literally would pick fights with me every goddamn day, but then say I was the one starting them because she's just that much of a bitch."

"What an asshole."

"No, literally! And she's always got her stupid fucking posse of dudebros tryna see her tits, God why doesn't she just tell em to fuck off? She fucking lives off attention, I swear to God"

"I've never really talked to her."

"God that's for the best, she's such a self-centered bitch."

"Goddamn, did she kill your dad or something?" You banter

"Kaguya Houraisan killed my entire family, burnt my house down, sent some dorkass losers to fuck up my smoking spot, and killed me multiple times."

Mokou was silent for one and a half seconds, then you both burst out laughing. Mokou laughed a little too hard though, and started coughing up smoke.

"Oh fuck... f... god fucking damnit" She coughed.

"Want me to get my water bottle from the car?"

"No... I think I'm good now. You want a drag?"

"You know I don't smoke."

"Right, right, I just ask out of habit at this point. Don't start, by the way. I heard it's bad for lungs or some shit. I mean like, your lungs. I wouldn't fucking know if it's bad for my lungs. If I was a different person, I'd have like, cancer 6000 by now."

"What happened to cancer 5999?"

"I fucking smoked it"

You and Mokou start laughing again. She didn't cough this time, though. As much as she hated to admit it, Mokou cherished these moments. She knew there was a day where she would eventually become friends with Kaguya out of necessity, but Mokou was fine delaying that for as long as she could.

"God, I know I keep talking about Kaguya, but like, she's Ms. Yagokoro's fucking bitch, I swear to god. Kaguya could start stabbing people with her pencil the middle of class and Ms. Yagokoro wouldn't give a shit. FUCK those guys piss me off!"

Mokou took another drag from her cigarette. Even though you weren't really doing anything except zoning out and listening to Mokou complain, you also cherished these moments. They were something that made you smile, despite Mokou's shitty habits. In the far future, you will look back on these moments and feel your heart soften, remembering what the friendship you share with Mokou was like all the way back in high school.

Nothing else of major importance happens behind the mattress store; you and Mokou just shoot the shit for another hour and a half. But goddamn, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else, besides with your best friend Mokou.

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