Cool links!

so here are some links that go to some pretty sugoi websiotes (or yt videos) that i wanted to share w/ you guize!!


vocaloid Links!

touhou linkz!

  • wer iz mai new 2hu? 2hu site that updates 4 each new release, not much on there but idk someone might need it

  • yukkuri talk!! cute website that lets u say thingz in that one kawaii yukkuri voice!!

  • TSA Omikuji touhou luck!

  • touhou character sorter! its just a cool site where it sorts ur fav 2hu characters. not much else 2 say lol!

  • tsukumo fan club! all in japanese, so idk what theyre sayin, but anyway its a fansite for benben and yatsuhashi tsukumo, rlly cool, and the design of the site is real pretty. i wish i knew what it said, thou

  • 2hu fansite that has links on wher to buy 2hu stuff, also has an archive of 2hu remixes from youtube!

  • maribel hearn's web portal 2hu fansite with a bunch of touhou links for world records n stuff, high scores, popularity polls n stuff like that.

  • flash games/animation

    flash games i used to play w/ my dad (thers alot so it has its own category)

    helpful thinsg (might have sum boring sites but whatevr)

    cool stuff

    everything else

    youtube stuff

    cool channels!

  • koke rlly cool japanese channel that makes touhou arranges & medleys! their most recent one is a arrange of okina's theme w/ hata no kokoro and yukari's themes and its suuper good!!

  • sedrifea piano plaer who maeks these rlly good piano covers of 2hu songz! idk if theyre still activfe bc their last video was posted liek 7 moths ago but its daijoubu!! i hope they cme back tho... they have rlly good covres!!

  • yumemey way past kawaii yt channel that posts fumo videos!! i thik they do like custom fumos or somthin liek that... but omg theyre soooo kawaii desu!!

  • christmas videos



    everything else