Cool links!

so here are some links that go to some pretty sugoi websiotes (or yt videos) that i wanted to share w/ you guize!!


vocaloid Links!

flash games/animation

helpful thinsg (might have sum boring sites but whatevr)

cool stuff

everything else

youtube stuff

cool channels!

  • koke rlly cool japanese channel that makes touhou arranges & medleys! their most recent one is a arrange of okina's theme w/ hata no kokoro and yukari's themes and its suuper good!!
  • sedrifea piano plaer who maeks these rlly good piano covers of 2hu songz! idk if theyre still activfe bc their last video was posted liek 7 moths ago but its daijoubu!! i hope they cme back tho... they have rlly good covres!!
  • yumemey way past kawaii yt channel that posts fumo videos!! i thik they do like custom fumos or somthin liek that... but omg theyre soooo kawaii desu!!

  • christmas videos



    everything else