About me!!!!!!!!!!

Basic stuff abvout me!!!!

konnichiwa!! watashi wa clam hanson desu!! that means my name is clam hanson in japanese btw >.< i daisuki japan, vocaloid, touhou, and anything japanese!


learning languages (espesially japanese!!!), drawing anime, watching anime, vocaloid, and touhou!!!!!

What is this website about?????

Well this site is about anime and anything kawaii! I will add moar in the furute!!! XD


Favorite food:

obvoiusly sushi!! I eat them with chop sticks!

favorite song:

saihate by kobayashi onyx and sung by hatsune miku!

favorite animal


Favourite videogame?

Hatsune miku project mirai DX or touhou 8: imperishable night

favourite type of music???

well i listen to a loot of vocaloid and touhou stuff, of course!! but i also listen to eurobeat, citypop, lofi hip hop, and foster the people!! Their new album is such a BOP! I <3 pay the man!

things i <3

things i don't daisuki:

Biography time!!!!

So i am a student who made this website because I wanted a website to show off all of these vocaloid things and

anime things to the world! This is bascially my own corner of the internet to explore!! super sugoi!

How did I get into vocaloid???

like alot of other ppl, my frist voclaoid song was ievan polka, whic i discovered wen i was just messin around on youtube (which is also how i found out abt touhou) and i saw leekspen and then i found the kawaii miku version !! after that i only knew who hatsune miku and rin were for awhile and then!! i found rolling girl sum how, and then i found this vocloaid vs utau video and i RLLY liked the song (it was hybrid by Niki) and then i found lots of other sugoi voaloid songs and now i know alot of vocaloid (and utau) charatcers!

How did I get into touhou???

back when i was around 4-5 years old, i was on yutube an i found this weird video called "cirnos perfect math class", which as all of you know, is a touhou video!! so then i discovedrd flandres theme from "ran ran ruu" and so then i got into flandres theme but i only know about flandre and cirno back then. however i kept just a VEEERY small part of touhou with me.i knew it was a game, but that was it. it stayed like this until around 1 year ago wen i found sum1 playing againt flandre and soon enough i was watching lots of touhou gameplay. then i discovered how touhou music was super sugoi!! one thing led to another and i eventually got some of the games and now i play touhou alot even tho i suck XD