So this is where I'm going to be putting anime sutff!!!! also tbh there probablly aint gonna be 2 much stuff on here, atleast 4 nao, bc i rlly dont watch that mch anime... and idk what else to even put on here besidies fav anime & anime characctes. i need some original content for this page especially >.<

Best anime EVAR!!!! (in no order)

Number one. Azumanga daioh is the best anime because it is just too kawaii desu!!!) honestly sakaki is like, so me. we both LOOOVE nekos but they don't love us back ;-; also i rlly like osaka! there isnt a moment when she isnt funny! she's soo kawaii also!

numnber two. Ouran highschool host club!!! becuase it is really sugoi and also hikaru is my senpaiiii >///<

Number 3. Madoka magica!!! Her outfit is so kawaii desu! And the ending made me CRY SO much! ;-; lol i ship madoka and homura all the way! they're so kawaii together! i havent seen rebellion or any of the movies yet even tho i finished madoka magica ~1 year ago XP.

number 4: clannad because fuko ibuki is soooooooo kawaii!!!!!! and it made me NAKU!!! (japanese for cry)

5: yuyushiki because it is just soo funny like I am yukari ALL THE WAY XD

6: Neon geensis evangelion! okay i love this show sooo much even tho the ending is weird but i haven't had time to watch "end of evangelion" yet >.< also i ship rei and shinji sooo much! EDIT: okie so i finally did watch end of evangelion and i am very confused. that's all i can rlly say atm... (also rei is better than asuka fite me)

seven: made in abyss bc it is sooo interesting! i can't wait for the 2nd season too come out! i'll admit i cheated abit and read ahead in the manga... but hopefully not too far...! also prushka and mitty........ GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN T-T

Initial D! i finally finished the 1st stage!! omg i loved the ending it was soo good! tbh i think that so far, it's MAXIMUM COMFY. idk when i'll start the second stage thou

fav anime charatcers!

the entire cast of azumanga daioh!

rei ayanami

Sengoku nadeko!

mami tomoe