konnichiway and welcom 2 my page of KNOWLEDGE!!!!

whatre you gonna phind here??? ummmm thingz tht you might need 2 know sumday so im gonna tell them to yuo!!

ummm i made this page bcuz ovr the years i have alot of good knowledge (mostly academic stuff, gomensai!) so im gonna share it w/ yu!!!!

hold on a sec for clarity im prolly not gonna type real cool liek i usually do, wch is kinda sad ;_;

maybe one day if theres enough stuff on here ill make a table of contents. i hope so!

btw you might think some of these things are obvious, but some ppl weren't taught this (i was taught a lot of this stuff later), or might just wanna learn more, so dont diss on ppl!!

math n stuff like that

trig trickz

ya know who was real bad at trig last year?? ME!! wanna know why? bcuz i didnt know these things!! but now i do!

sick trick number ONE) first off, having trouble remembering the radian values for unit circle shenanigans?

  • if 180° is π, then 90° is π/2, because 90 is half of 180
  • then, 45° will be π/4, because 45 is one fourth of 180
  • 60° will be π/3 because 60 is one third of 180 (π) . 30° will be π/6 because 30 is one sixth of 180 (π)

  • trick number TWO) do you have something like 5π/4 and need to convert to degrees? well you take 45 and multiply it by 5! why? becasue π/4 is 45, then you multiple it by how many pi's you have. so you would have 225° as yr final answer!

    THREE) are you not remembering the side lenghts for 30-60-90 triangles? because i used to get them mixed up!

    well i dont remember the name of the theorem, but there's a theorem that says "biggest angle is opposite biggest side, same for smallest angle"

  • so because 30° is the smallest angle, its across the smallest side length (1)
  • 60° is the medium angle, so its across the medium side length (root three (√3))
  • 90° is the biggest angle so its across the biggest side length (2)

  • FOUR) i used to get the formulas for converting radians to degrees and degrees to raidans mixed up, but not anymore!! (this works for pi radians only (who works in non-pi radians, anyway? DORKS!)) so anyway this will all be in pi radians

    okay so the formula for degrees to radians is (π/180), because you need a pi on top of the fraction to be in radians. here is an image showing how to do it

    the formula for radians to degrees is (180/π), because you already have the pi on the top of your original fraction, so you need a pi on the bottom to cancel out. here is an image showing how to do it

  • if you have something like π/4, you can do trick #2, but if you have something like π/5, then use this

  • calc 1


    youre on your own pal. if you dont know the answer on a test, just say the limit doesnt exist

    that last piece of info is outdated, just do lhopitals rule or some shit. who gives a shit if u gotta SHOW that its equal to 0/0, just fuckin do it in the first place. saves u time.


    i hate uhhhhhh quotient rule. bullshit. why isn't it f'(x)/g'(x)????? but mr. gave me some advice. JUST DO PRODUCT RULE HOW HE DESCRIBED IT!!!!!!!!! shit's magic, yo

    calc 2

    unfortunately i dont have any cool calc 2 tricks yet, or at least i cant think of any right now ;_;

    othr math stuff

    umm heres general math stuff thats kinda useful

    percentages!! umm i dont like doing percents, im not the best at them, but heres a cool trick.

    if %a = b, then %b = a. what does this mean?? well if you're tryna find 8% of 50, then just do 50% of 8, because they equal the same thing (4).

    this is easiest to do w/ 50, but you can do it for whatever


    you might have seen some of my recipes on my secret page, but idk if anyone other than me reads that, so i'll put them out here you you guys to try!!

    chocolate taco

    this recipe is special bcuz someone sent it to me in an email!! thank u fran hat!!!

    1. take a hard shelled taco and fill it with shredded cabbage
    2. pour hershey's chocolate syrup all over the cabbage
    3. enjoy!!!!!!!

    thank u once again fran hat, sorry it took so long to add it to the site ;_;

    True Americano

    another special recipe sent in by fran hat, would like to thank viewers like you, thank you!

    1. combine shot of espresso with your cocacola
    2. enjoy!!!

    milk carlton

    so first you take a glass and fill it with milk and water, then you cut up unripe strawberreies (but dont take the leaves off!) and add it to the drink. ENJOY!!!

    mango slop

    a summertime favorite! take at least one (1) mango (you can have more but its more work) and cut it up so you get the flesh but not the skin (look up a tutorial or smth). Because mangoes are very slippery, they're very hard to cut, so you'll end up with mango slop. If your mango comes out nice and geometric, smash it w/ your knife to make the slop. then arrange the bits of mango slop into a heart and eat it with someone you love

    pepperoni in a tortilla

    exactly what it sounds like. you take a tortilla and put pepperoni in it and then roll it all up. tastes good.

    bread baby

    first you find a recipe for bread. it can be any type of bread you want! but no matter what kind of recipe, i would recommend doubling the batch because then your end product will be more babyish. so you make the dough, let it rise... ya know, do all the normal bread things. then, before putting the dough in the oven, you lay it down on a cookie sheet w/ parchment paper, and shape the dough into a baby. make legs, arms, a head... i use the end of a butterknife to make the face. make sure to press the knife down alot to make the face, bcuz the bread's gonna rise alot in the oven and make the face all smooshed. then after you shape it you put it in the oven and then eat it.

    wobbly brick

    so in a bowl you combine 2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, two 2/3 cups of milk, and 2 teaspoons of honey. then you mix it till its nice and smooth. you can add other things, like chocolate chips, or berries of some sort, if ya want. but i didnnt. anyway, preheat yr oven to 385 degrees, and then when thats done, put yr mixture in a breadpan, and put it in the oven for like... 20 minutes maybe? 25? idk keep checking on it. then when its done take it outta the breadpan and its brick shaped and kinda wobbly, hence the name. it tastes.

    hell bread

    1. make hot chocolate with milk.
    2. dip bread in it. dont toas it.
    3. dont fucking eat this it tastes so ass the bread is all soggy why did i think this was a good idea

    slop corn

    just came up with this one on the spot, pop some popcorn then put it into some water. itadakimasu!!

    god save you if you make this

    mushrooms and rice and carrots

    1. cook some rice
    2. cut up some mushrooms and carrots.
    3. also get a piece of garlic and cut it up into a few pieces
    4. put a frying pan on the stove, throw some butter on there to melt
    5. add more butter
    6. add more butter
    7. add more butter. there should be enough now
    8. throw the mushrooms and carrots into the pan. cook them for a bit
    9. throw in some garlic
    10. throw in more garlic
    11. just throw in the rest of the garlic you cut up
    12. add the rice. cook it for a bit till its done


    i like this because its filling and its easy to make and maybe you can sauces

    mushrooms in a pan (YES i know you can just call this sauteeing mushrooms but listen here pal: who give a shit)

    1. turn on your stove or whatever and throw some butter n olive oil in there.
    2. take some mushrooms and dont bother to cut them up
    3. put the mmushrooms in the pan
    4. poke them around until theyre done
    5. eat with some olives n bread n chees

    technology or whatever i dont fucking know

    self explanitory, its all computer shit or whatever

    how to make the hottest mixtapes on da planet

    so first you need ffmpeg and youtube-dl. go download them, and maybe look up how to install them. but if u dont wanna do that, ill tell u how!!!!!! also btw this only works with windows becaue thats all ive ever had.

    ffmpeg installation

    1) download it, then extract the folder to da hard drive, which might appear on yr computer as "OS (C:)" or "Local Disk (C:)". its gonna have a C in there.

    2) go to "this pc", its on the left side of the file explorer oh fuck im tired ill finish this tomorrow (yea AS IF!!!)