fumo page!

i've wanted to make a page for fumos for a while now, and i've finally gotten round to doing it!! (its not done rn, it needs some gifs)

so here's like fumo pics n stuff, and also fumo resources (wher 2 buy, customs, whatevr)

also i just found out (as of 2/21/21) that the link shortener i was using for this page went down, so the links were all dead for a bit :/ should be fixd tho!!!

wher to buy fumos??

amiami used to always have out of stock fumos but now this is the #1 fumo marketplace, they ususally got girls in stock and theyre a good price too!!! check back often 4 a sale!!!

Tokyo otaku mode this site has pretty normal prices fumos, but they're never in stock SMHHHHH.

solaris japan! this is where i (or my ma i suppose) buys fumos from, bcuz they got stuff thats in stock and sometimes is priced kinda okay. i bought my alice from here for like, $50 or somthin, which is pretty alright. ummm the prices range from a lil bit more expensive to lots of money. god if i had $600 dollard thou you know i would spend it on blazer reisen!!

gift! gift now does all of their sales on amiami, but i still put this link here bcuz its still a good resource & you can buy accessories 4 ur fumos here~

buyee an auction site where you can buy lotsa fumos!! i've never ordered from this site and idk if ya need a proxy/forwarder or whatever, but its fun checking up here every once and a while to see what there is! also when you go on the site from this link the prices are sorted from lowest buyout price to highest, so you might just find fumo keychains on the first page, you gotta look on like page 2 or whatevr!

fromjapan! idk what this site is, proxy site and auction site maybe??? but there are fumos here adn you can buy them!! also idk if the image thumbnails load, but they arnt for me, so watch out for that!!

amazon dont buy fumos from amazon idiot

custom fumos

therss not a whole lot of stuff on custom fumos out there, so here's a nice lil palce to get custom fumo info n stuff!!

yumemey! i dont think yumemey does comissions, but whatever, bcuz their fumo videos are too kawaii for words!!! they've made a whooole lotta customs, and they're all soo cute!!!

Anna's handmade! they make custom fumos, and take comissions!! howevr comissions are closed rn and i remember hearing that they're backed up till like 2021 or somthin, but whatever!! they also make non-2hu fumos!! very cute!!!

zerokonbu2!! i think thye do take requests, im not sure though, but they kinda have a fumo photo blog, where they take lots of pics of their fumos when they go places!! also they made a custom fumo guide on youtube, here it is!!

fumo piczz

i wanted to have a lil place on my site w/ fumo pics for awhile now, so here it is!!!! open the pics in a new tab for better resolution!!!

hover over the image for, like, info on where it was taken and other comments!!!