so this page is gonna be all about the game itself, like spellcards and 1ccs and stuff liek that!!

this page isnt done yet, please wait warmly! idk how im gonna structure this page ;_;

Teh most basic guide 2 getting better @ 2hu!!

i think the first section on here will be a basic guide on touhou gameplay, and how to get the hang of it ^.^

SO U WANT TO BE GOOD AT TOUHOU BUT HAVE NO IDEA WHERE 2 START?!?! LOOK NO FURTHER!!! here you'll find a beginners guide 2 touhou!!

  1. EoSD or PCB are good games to begin with because they're not too hard, and also since EoSD has no visible hitbox, you'll gain a good sense of where your hitbox is without needing to look

  2. Tbh im kind of torn on whether or not you should start with easy or normal mode.... well, i think you should start with easy mode when you're still learning the basics, then move to normal when you know how to do shit like stream, bomb in the right places, and know where on the screen to focus ur eyes

  3. AAAH what character and shot type do i use?!?! for beginners, i'd recommend reimu's homing shot, because she makes clearing stages a breeze!! And if a boss has you moving all around the screen, you don't need to worry about your attacks hitting, because the homing shots do that for you!!

  4. Basic controls: Hold Z to shoot, press X to bomb, hold shift for focused movement, and press C for game-specific mechanics (not every game needs C)

  5. Streaming and how 2 do it: streaming is when an enemy shoots bullets aimed at you; beginners tend to panic and run around to avoid them, but then the screen is just covered in bullets!! so you have to stream the bullets!! When an enemy starts shooting aimed bullets, you should continuously move a little to one side, so the bullets follow you nicely. When you get near the edge of the screen, you jump forward to create a gap in the bullets, then jump back and move through the gap you made... its easier than it sounds!!! a good example for practicing streaming is daiyousei's attack in EoSD stage 2, you just gotta move a little to a direction and not panic!!

  6. when to use ur bombs: lampoil, rope? bombs? you want it? its yours my friend, as long as you have enough bomb pieces!! LOLOLOL JK JK!!! anyway, bombs are very very very good to use, and you shouldnt feel bad for using them. they're what you use when you're cornered, if you get nervous, or if you just cant beat an attack!! you should bomb when you dont know how to beat an attack, or if its too hard. learn what attacks you can and can't do comfortably, and then bomb on the ones you can't do until you learn them! learning when to bomb is just as important as learning the attacks~ also try to find the perfect time to bomb so you can maximize damage and bullet cancels!!!

  7. where should i look on the screen?!?!? if the attack has slow, dense bullets, you should keep your eyes close to your character so you can use small and precise movements to dodge. if there's fast, spread out bullets, look around the middle of the screen and anticipate where the bullets will be and move accordingly! this is something you might have to get used to!

Well thats it!! the most basic tips i could think of for a beginner!! i hope this helps someone!!!!!


i think this section will just be the like the 1cc section on the original touhou page~

unfortunately, i've lost some of the dates for the 1ccs and extra clears because of getting a new laptop... so hopefully one of these days i'll be able to do more 1ccs and add them here!! names in bold are ones that i lost the original date to, so they're listed with the newest date

Extra clears!! not gonna be much here rn... i'm not very good at extra bosses, but it can't be helped!!!