Analysis of Okina Matara

okei ik this prolly soundz boring 2 yuo guize... but i think okina's character is VERY interesting with all of the different gods shes connected to, so i made this page to sorta go into depth on all that stuff ^.^

gonna redesign this page bcuz i dont like how it looks right now

its not done, im just placing notes on here for now. i will then collect the notes into a coherent essay.

the current plan is to analyze okina's design, spellcards, and characters who have some mythological connection to her, no matter how loose.

conenctions with tewi


-daikokuten got his origins from mahakala -then after saicho (monk) returns from china in 805 and begins spreading tendai buddhism, daikokuten begins to be portrayed as a jolly god of fortune, based on what saicho saw. -daikokuten went from being an incarnation of mahakala to one of the seven lucky gods. -daikokuten is a forgein deity, as in, not native god

-okuninushi is a native god with a lot of storeis but they arent relevant right now. -as tendai buddhism spread, daikokuten and okuninushi became kind of conflated with one another, due to the similar readings of theri names. Okuninushi (大国主神), the "大国" from "大国主神" can be read as daikoku, leading to the conflation of the two gods.

white hare: - the white hare of inaba is what tewi is based off of. in the story, a white hare tricks some sharks into forming a bridge for her to cross, but she brags about tricking them before she exits the bridge, and the last shark tears off all her fur. then, okuninushi, along with his 80 brothers, are going to find to princess of inaba and marry her. on their way there, they see the rabbit with all its fur torn off. she asks for help, and okuninushi's brothers think itd be funny to tell her to wash in the salty sea and then dry off in the cold air. okuninushi gives her actual advice, and the bunny is happy :) -tewi says she knows daikokuten personally, implyiing that shes the white hare of inaba. -tewi knows "daikokuten", then she also knows "okuninushi" because okuninushi is the person who helped her and she knows daikokuten. they are the same person in touhou.

-if okina is based on shinra myoujin/matara-shin, then she is also mahakala, or at least, loosely based on mahakala. since daikokuten (who is based off of mahakala) and okuninushi are the same person in touhou, and since matarajin is based off mahakala, you can grasp pretty hard for straws and use some loose definitions/identities and say okina saved tewi. but thats too shaky. lets just say okina has some connections through mythology with tewi.