so i have been woking on a touhou page for a while now and i have finaly gotten around to finishing it! gomensai XP!!

this is where i am going to put touhou stuff bc touhou is such a sugoi game!! its so KAWAII DESU~~~~! and ya know... im kinda okay at it!!

okay on this page i think it will be like the vocaloid page so like i put my favourtie charcters, games, music tracks, etc!

im probabaly gonna redo this page soon... make the layout better

Cool touhou stuff!

this is kinda liek the "cool vocaloid stuff" section of the vocaloid page!

thoughts on touhou 17(also spoilers)

i daisuki it!!! so much!!! i absoluteley daisuki the soundtrack!!! urumi and keiki's themes are my favorite!! i also loooove the stage 4 theme!! super kakkoi!!! so umm the newhus are KAWAII!!! cowboyhu??? sign me the heck up!!! also i looove eika, she's sooo kawaii, sux that shes not that popular, but it cant be helped, shes a stage 1 boss. so pretty much theres a gang war in hell, which sounds totally metal, ya know??? and theres posession n stuff, its totally ill!!! howevr its not perfect... its set in hell, its about animals.... but theres no orinrinrin -.- ALSO its set in hell, you cross the sanzu.... but theres no komachi -.- ALSO its set in hell, kutaka works for the yama... but theres no eiki -.- whatevr, its daijoubu. even w/o them, its still a super tanoshii game!!! i love it!! i already 1cc'd it w/ youmu otter, shes totally broken >.< but whatevr, its still 1cc!! anyway, so yea i love it!!! specially the music!!

favourite charcters?

so this is where i am going to be listing my favcorite touhou characters!

also this is kinda outdated so im gonna b updating this soon but if u want a rlly current version 4 whatevr reason, here is my most recent touhousort

Reisen u. inaba!

i love reisen!!! she's soo kakkoi!!! reisen is my fav touhou bc i love everything about her!!! i daisuki her design, her spellcards, her stage, her theme, everything about her!!!!!!! i LVOE reisen!!!

byakuren hijiri!

byakuren is such a sugoi character!! i love her design bc it makes her look soo pretty!! she's super cool too bc she is friends with both humans and yokai and she is super nice! even though i think shes the hardest final boss (ye even harder than junko) bc her last spell is CRAZY!! i still love byakuren!! shes got a pretty nice theme, too!!! o yea, i also like her bc in the fighting games, she's got a srsly KNOCKIN pair of boots! the only redemming part of UFO, btw bc UFO suxxx!

eirin yagokoro

HELP ME EIRIN lol!! i love eirin bc she is super smart and she like, knows everything!! also she helped create the lunar capital and that is really cool!I also think her spellcards r easier than kaguya's... i havent beat kaguya yet but i have beat eirin. >_<

Satori komeiji!!

satori is a cute! A CUTE!! satori is just so kawaii desu!! i love her theme, its sooooooo sugoi!!!!! she reminds me of myself irl abit!! i wish i could read minds, it would be so sugoi!! i rlly want to read the minds of my dumb cats, yknow??

Kaguya Houraisan!

kaguya is just a sugoi charcater bc she is like a princess but form the MOON!! which makes her even moar sugoi desu!! I really like her theme too! kaguya is so kawaii tho!

shiki eiki, yamaxanadu! (what a mouthfuL!)

eiki is KAKKOI!!! i daisuki her theme!!!!!!! i love everything about eiki!!! her outfit is super cool and her power is rlly interesting!!!!! shes cool and mature and.... idk why i love eiki but i <33 her!!

best touhou songs?

here is where i will put my favourite touhou songs down! but there is also too many sugoi tououh songs so i cant put all of them down XP. also click on their names 4 the youtube links

  • septete for the dead princess(remilia's theme)
  • Lunatic Princess!!(kaguya's theme)
  • History of the moon!(eirin's theme)
  • WHereabouts of the Heart(Junko's theme)
  • the gensokyo the gods loved(MoF stage 3 theme)
  • walking the streets of a former hell(SA stage 3 theme)
  • Cosmic mind(byakuren's theme)
  • Little Princess(shinmyomaru's theme)
  • Fate of sixty years(shikieiki's theme)
  • pierrot of the star-spangled banner(clownpiece's theme)
  • Cinderella cage(IN stage 5 theme)
  • nuclear fusion(utsuho's theme)
  • interdimensional voyage of a ghostly passenger ship (ufo stage 4 theme)
  • Pristine beat(raiko korikawa's theme)
  • Reverse Ideology(seija kijin's theme)
  • Doll judgement(alice margatroid's theme)
  • The concealed four seasons(okina matara stage 6 theme)
  • Bamboo forest of the full moon(DDC stage 3 theme)
  • Satori Maiden(satori komeiji's theme)
  • true administrator(toyosatomimi no miko's theme)
  • Witching dream(LLS stage 1 theme)
  • Strawberry Crisis!!(yumemi okazaki's theme)

  • Favorite touhou games???

    Here are my faovurite touhou games!!!

    Imperishable night!!! it's my favoutire touhou game!! i daisuki the soundtrack and the characters are sooo sugoi!! Also the first game I 1cc'd!!! i can never seem to get the time bonuses thou.... but it cant be helped!!

    double dealing character! i <3 this game bc it has a RLLY cool soundtrack!! also wakasagihime, sekibanki, and kagerou are suuuper kawaii! like i see them all bein friends and stuff! also seija is super cool, even tho i lose all my lives at her last spell!! and raiko has 1 of the best 2hu themes imo, and raiko is just suuuper cool!!

    legacy of lunatic kingdom!!! ill be honest, at first, i wasnt a huge fan of lolk.... bcuz it was too hard!!!!! but now that i've played it awhile.... i realize its SUPER FUN!!!!!!! like omg, as hard and as frustruating it can be, junko's fight is SO TANOSHII!!!!!!!! i just think the spellcards are super fun to play, and not too hard if u know the mechanics of da game!!!! very very very fun!!!

    the COOLEST touhous

    these are the 100% coolest 2hus

    fujiwara no mokou!! she is the coolest 2hu!! all other coolhus wish they were as cool as her!!!! everything about mokou is cool, yknow?? like running a yakitori stand seems normal, but when mokou does it, its the coolest thing thats evr been done. so yea, mokou is the coolest 2hu that has ever been made, and all other coolhus can only dream of bein as cool as her

    raiko horikawa! ya ik shes not the most popular twowho, but shes still super cool!! like i mean just look at how smug she is! the smughu b4 doremy! also she is super friendly 2 the mc in DDC, and bein nice is ALWAYS cool. she just kinda does her own thing and helps others, too, which makes her a super cool 2hu. also her spellcards are rlly cool lookin, like with the (curvy) lightning lazers, and throwin drums at you. just a rlly cool and friendly 2hu.

    some other coolhus that dont have entries yet: yuugi hoshiguma, mazamiumaomu futatsuatsuaiawa, okina matara, captain murasa

    My 1ccs and extra clears!!

    so heres my 1cc chart!!! i FINALLY made one of those cool 1cc charts you see with the character backgrounds! sugoi!!!

    unfortunately, i've lost some of the dates for the 1ccs and extra clears because of getting a new laptop... so hopefully one of these days i'll be able to do more 1ccs and add them here!! names in bold are ones that i lost the original date to, so they're listed with the newest date

    Extra clears!! not gonna be much here rn... i'm not very good at extra bosses, but it can't be helped!!!

    cool doujin stuff!!

    so this used 2 b the "fav doujin circles" section but i changed it 2 just doujin stuff i liek!!

    music circles

  • a-one
  • o-life japan
  • cool&create
  • tokyo & kokyo active neets
  • tamaonsen
  • albums

  • any "house set of ...." album (kuroneko lounge)
  • touhou strike (cool&create)
  • satori satorare (zyukucho)
  • manga n stuff liek that (hentai free!!)

  • flower satori (mokku)
  • the immortal who saw the death of the universe (alison)
  • crazy cirno (alison) also this one is a lil bit gory so b careful if yr sensitive 2 that
  • omoito (morino hon)
  • flan wants to die (tsukumizu)
  • touhou adventure (pageratta)
  • present from hell (Dra)
  • Myourenji Enikki Matome (katagiri)
  • pretty much anything by alison airlines, DYNAMO, bomber grape
  • othr doujin groups

  • gift!! of couse i daisuki gift!! they make fumos!!