This is my page all about vocaloids!

Their music so sooo sugoi desu!

I will talk about favourite songs,

best ships, best vocaloids, and lots of other stuff

vocaloid things

here is a very cool video explaninng the technology behind vocaloid and voice synthesizers, explains the history behind synthesizing voices and how ppl do it and how vocaloid does it..... very cool go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocaloid song of teh week!!

okay so basically wat i am going to be doing is i am going to show every1 of you a new vocaloid song (or utau song LOL!) every week!!!!! i will try to find some vocaloid songs you might hve not heard b4 and show them to you so you can know anout moar vocaloid songs that you might liek! its going to be so sugoii desu!!!

also here is the link to the previous vocaloid songs of the week!!!

wednesday 8/10/22


singer # of total songs % of total songs # of solos (out of 31 solos) % of solos (out of 31) # of group songs (out of 7) % of group songs
Miku 13 26.5 11 35.5 2 11.8
Rin 11 22.4 5
16.1 6 35.3
Len 5 10.2 1 3.2 4 23.5
1 or both Kagamines 12 26.7 6 19.3 6 46.2
Kagamine Presence Constant
16 32.6 10
Meiko 5 10.2 4 12.9 1 5.9
Luka 4 8.2 3 9.7 1 5.9
Gumi 3 6.1 2 6.5 1 5.9
Flower 2 4.1 1 3.2 1 5.9
IA 2 4.1 1 3.2 1 5.9
KAFU 1 2 1 3.2 0 0
SEKAI 1 2 1 3.2 0 0
Una 1 2 0 0 1 5.9

What is the Kagamine Presence Constant? Deciphering the Kagamine results

"1 or both Kagamines" refers to the number of songs that contain at least one Kagamine. This row is different than the "Kagamine Presence Constant" row due to the fact that some songs feature both Kagamines. The Kagamine Presence Constant is the number of songs including Rin added to the number of songs including Len. If you measure the Kagamines as one singer, then that would be using the KPC. I did this because of the Kagamine Bender. I make sense to me, do I make sense to you?


Miku has the most songs, but either Kagamine has a higher chance of being featured (KPC total song%). 6/7 group songs involve a Kagamine; and Miku has the highest volume of songs to herself, with 80% of her songs being solos, followed by MEIKO with 80%, then Luka with 75%. Rin and Len are more likely to be in a group song than in a solo, likely due to the fact that producers often use both Kagamines in one song.

End of vocaloid songs of the week

Also, this is the end of weekly vocaloid songs ;_; im gonna do them whenever i feel like it now. i would like to thank LiterallyHifumi for his multiple Singing Synthesizer pages (especially SSD). Idk if you know it hifumi, but ur pages really motivated me to continue the weekly songs :^) thank you for being a friend :^)

watashi's favourite vocaloid songs! with links!

  • Senbonzakura (Kurousa-P, Hatsune miku)
  • world's end dancehall(wowaka, hatsune miku and megurin luka)
  • mr music(rerulili, Ronchino=Pepe, Kagome-P, kihee, baker, toku-P, Tomodachi Boshuu-P, komine, that, mallory, nem, live-P, owata-P, with Hatsune miku (and append), megurine luka, kaai yuiki, kagamine rin & len, gumi,
  • 1 2 fanclub(mikito-p, gumi & kagamine rin)
  • freely tommorow (mitchie-m, hatsune miku)
  • kimi no taion(kuwagata-p, hatsune miku)
  • glow(keeno, hatsune miku)
  • saihate(kobayashi onyx, hatsune miku)
  • sleeper (tie) (captain mirai, kagamine rin)
  • 10 faced (YM, gumi)
  • hello nostradamus(captain mirai, kagamine rin)
  • The world on the other side of glasses(captain mirai, gumi)
  • hybrid(niki, lily)
  • iya iya iya(neru, kagamine rin & len)
  • kokonokoe (nanameue-P, meiko)
  • life cheating game(kemu, gumi)
  • panda hero(hachi, gumi)
  • stargazer(kotsuban-P, hatsune miku)
  • revolution(ichigyou-p, kagamine rin & len)
  • 1/6 out of the gravity(vocaliod-p, hatsune miku)
  • piano x forte x scandal(oster project, meiko)
  • unhappy refrain(wowaka, hatsune miku)
  • fixer(nulut, flower)
  • es (or esu idk lol!!) (shr, kagamine rin)
  • intermission(yanagi-P, meiko)
  • f-mech(shr, kagamine rin ((and maybe len)))
  • samurai soul (team kamiuta, meiko)

  • WHo do I ship???

    Watashi's favourite vocaloids!!!

  • MEIKO!!! okay so i know like, alot of people don't like her voice... but thats only because noone can make her voice sound sugoi bc she's soo kawaii for them! when used correctly it soiunds soooooooooo kakkoii (japanese for cool).but tbh... like, the only big producers who can make meiko sound actually good is oster-P (I mean have u even heard piano x forte x scandal or on the rocks???? yea thats what i thought, baka. but she sounds amazing in them) and mitchie-m (but with mitchie-m, he can make even hakaine maiko sound great ((and he never even uses meiko which is like, such a shame because he makes her sound SOO SUGOII!! oh well -.-"))

  • gumi!! she sounds soo sugoi!! and her english is amaazing! but i really like how she sounds like, just so un-robotic!!

  • lily okay so confesssion time i've only heard one song with lily and it's hybrid (listed above) but her voice is sooo great!!!

  • i know this isn't a vocaloid but... kasane teto!!! she is just so kawaii she's in like, another dimension of kawaii! my dear beloved teto has grown so much its liek watching a daughter grow up~!! i love her so much she has come so far it brings a tear to me eye!!!!

  • kagamine rin! i fucking love kagamine rin so goddamn much. criteria for a good vocaloid song: 1) it features rin. i used to not really liek rins voice but it srsly has grown on me!!! rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin rin RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN RINRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNRINRINRINRIRNRINRINRINRINRINRINRINRINRINRRINRINRINRINRINIRNIRNIRNIRNIRNIRNIRNIRNRINRINRINRINRIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.