This is nice website!

first hard mode 1cc edition!

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!


its halloween!!!!!!!!!! this year im bein satori komeiji becauase she is a cute! A CUTE!!! and oh the costume is so great!!!!! my ma did most of the sewin, an i did the details (headband, buttons, flowers on the skirt, eye & eye uhh.... tubes?) oh its so beautfil i want to post picz and i might!!!!!! but not right now. its SNOWING rn!! can you believe it???? i mean normally im all about snow, but its gonna b real cold tric r trreatin now, smh.

speaking of snow, i heard we're gonna get a real nice winter liek last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks climate changee!!!!!!!!!!! hoping 4 a week offa school this year!!!

one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADROCK!!!!!!!! <333 you guize!!!


alright listen i aint a middle aged white lady, BUT!!! all i want for christmas is you is such a gr8 chistmas song. ik ik its cheezy, but god idk man. LET ME ESTABLISH THE SCENE, IF YOU WILL. it's 2012, december. i am in macy's (god knows why, we nevr go 2 macy's) with my mom. i am wearing my black and white snowboots and my hat my ma knitted for me. it's snowin real hard outside. all i want for christmas is you comes on the radio. we get some stuff for christmas presents, then leave. later, i am at my grandma's house, watchin the macy's christmas parade. the camera cuts to a talk show studeio. 2 white girlies are talkin abt christmas or somthin. one is wearin somthin blue. the studio gives off martha stewart vibes. END SCENE. so thats why i dig that song.

all the middle aged white ladies havin the dinging bells from the beginning of the song as their notification sound for december now


WHATS UP AMIGOS!!!!!!! its, uhhhhhh snowing!!!!!!! well no not rlly, but thers snow on the ground bcuz it snowed a whole lot a few dayz ago!!!!! is it time for the winter playlist??? hmmm....... i dont know. after thankgininv prolly.

BUT THATS ALL I HAFTA SAY RN!!!!!! im bizzy!!! w/ what???? ummmmmm trabslating the french pages of courze!!!!! its takin awhile but its somthin 2 do, ya know????????