This is nice website!

how many days till 3.0 + 1.0?

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!


just finished da fifth (5th) episode of umineko..... they really had us in the first half!!!! also i ddnt like gaap in the last episode but shes like, okay now, i guess. luv battlah, luv beatrice, luv natsuhi, 'ate bernkastel, 'ate erika, 'ate lambda, simple as


MY FUMO ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a late christmas present to my present self from my past self, how nice of her!!!! back in august there was the big fumo sale so i placed an order (well, it was technically my ma who ordered it, i just gave her the money) and it finally arrived!!!!!! BUT (two)WHO IS IT?!?!?!??!? well by the thyme i could place an order, reisen was alreayd sold out, so i just told my ma to surprise me and GAH she didnt give any hints!!!!!!! ANYwAY ITS YUYUKO!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa shes so kawaii desu~! i dont have many pics rn, and i'll post some 2morrow bcuz its LATE!!!!!!


ooooooh i finished the sixth (6th) episode of umineko... what an emotional roller coaster!!! i leanred spoiler text, so read at you own risk....

spoilersGAH battler looks so handsome in his new cape!!! i still fuking hate erika and bernkastel... lambda is alright now. i loooved the wedding between beatrice and battler.... guys theyre fucking married now!!!! i also really liked featherine...... but then i read the ???? and now im kind of scared for what happens next.... i dont want the happy ending to go away!!!!! also ronove, virgilia, and gaap are some of my favorite characters now. i mean i always thought ronove was kakkoi, but virgilia and gaap are like, cool now