This is nice website!

i passed my ap exams!!

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!


lol skool is like, out or smth lololol AKSHUALLLY its been out for like, a week XDDDD but anyway i went out w/ some frineds a week ago and we were at a lake and i was in the lake and i stepped on a real fuckiing sharp stick that i couldnt see bcuz it was like, all muddy n shit. so anyway my foot starts fucking bleeding like CRAZY man like god you wouldnt believe it XD but anyway theres fucking blood everywhere its crazy deep and it hurts like hell....... anyway i get home and clean it up, treat it real nice, go 2 the doctor a few days l8r, they say i did a good job cleaning it up and they like, idk put smth on it. anyway it doesnt rlly hurt anymore and its healin good (lol healin good precure i think thats what its called idk LAWL) but anyway yeah thats whats been goin on. i got 100% on french exam, hehehe

but anyway now i have time to clean shit up on here, like finish the goddamn umineko page....... or start writing that okina essay....... ehehehe...... ^^7

oh also only a few weeks til higurashi sotsu...... boy i missed higurashi thursdays. some ppl say gou was shit, hmmm. it was a little goofy at times but it was fun. still lmaoing my ass off at satoko jail LMAOOO loli haet scool


good morning my dearest friends.. lol its morning now its 2am LOLOLOLOL ANYWAY sorry i havent been updating since a while, ive been very very veyr busy with work bcuz uhh i work at a fireworsk store and its july!!!!!! anyway it was hella busy the third, and it was like twice as busy as that today (when i say today i mean the fourth but whodahell cares)!!!!!!! so i woke up at 8:40 and i was leaving at 9 so i had to get ready real quick this morning >_< so we arrived around 10am and i worked p much nonstop till 12am!!!!!!!! WHATAFUK MAN!!!!!! AND i had the same song in my head the whole tiem!!!!! it was "im not okay" by mcr lololol but i like that song so i dont mind. i wasnt okay, too, so it like, fits or something!!!! anyway i was stocking shelves all day, so i was carryin all the heavy boxes n shit..... ahhhh my feet hurt so much!!!!!!! but its okay bcuz theres lots of families that come in and theyll bring their lil lil babies and ill think to myself "GOD i wish a had a daughter i would give her little gloves for her little hands and we'd go to the park and we'd and we'd and we'd ;_; ;_; ;_;" ohhhhh i wishi had a daughter ;_; but not really though i alreayd have enough goin on rn. anyway they said i did very good at work or smth and i also got paid so its all good. holla holla get dolla LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

also it was my birthday a few weeks ago, i am now a proud member of the 17 club~~ i got very very nice pair of boots that will last a very very long time, and theyre super comfy too!! its like the whole shitty 40 dollar boots you gotta keep buying new ones, or the 100 dollar boots that youll never need to replace..! anyway im really fucking tired so im going 2 bed now!!

im not okay..... im all worn out >_<


guysssss guess who passed their ap exams?!?!!? MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man oh man oh man i was so nervous signing in to check my scores i was shaking!!!! i was so sure i was gonna fail my ap calc exam bcuz i didnt even finish all the questions!!! UWAHHH!!! BUT ANYWAY i got a 3 on ap calc, which is still passing xP AND AND AND i got a 5 on ap lang!!! a five!!! thats the best you can get!!! i wish i knew what % of questions i got right, but whatever~ a five though!! oh i was so happy when i found out i passed them!! yeehaw!!!!