This is nice website!

first hard mode 1cc edition!

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!



alright so rn, i'm like 101% MAD!!! you wanna know why??? bc of that whole shibayan records thing!!! so basically some dope found one of shibayan's songs and put a lil trap beat over it and spent like, 2 years w/o giving credit to shibayan. only till shibayan sent him a copyright notice or whatevr, then he bothered to give credit. also he started monetizing it, which is a huge douche move, bc he's monetizing shibayan's song w/o clearing the """""""""""""""sample""""""""""""""" (its not a sample its just the whole song). but anyway here's the kicker. the thing thats really been pissing me off:

from here:"I've gotta get the sample cleared, but I don't have a good way of reaching Shibayan Records, the person who made the song, because of the huge language barrier," Murphy told Rolling Stone. This being 2019, he's already fielding interest from major labels, eager to leap on what might be a next 'Old Town Road' - if that pesky sample can be cleared, of course." this whole thing is just another case of some westerner taking japanese stuff and claiming it as their own, because it's obscure, in another language, japanese, whatever. it's always those "pesky samples" that gotta be cleared. why "pesky", though? is it because they're japanese samples and you just dont wanna go through the effort???? hmmmm........ "its japanese so its not like anyone's gonna notice we stole it" that thinking is a lil... it's kinda... whats the word.....

one last thing, since he's been thinking about signing on to a label or whatever (with music that can barley be called his own), and since you could call the stolen song a touhou remix, isn't it breaking ZUN's rules about monetization of his works outside doujin scenes? hmmm..... anyway, i'm totally pissed.


happy cirno day!!!1 its totally sugoi 2day bc its triple 9's!!! ummmmm i dont haev anythig else 2 say XD


ah!! updated my music player for fall!!!!! 1 of my favrite times of the year!!!! its real fun lookin thru 2hu remixes 4 the season!!! anywya i added sum new trackz, an arrange of spetermber pumpkin and also hartmanns youkai girl!!!! unfrtunatly ican nevr find any arrangs of nemuno's theme that i liek, its daijoubu thou XD.