This is nice website!

first hard mode 1cc edition!

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!


welp i had my first exams 2dayyyyyyyyyyyy well not not rlly i had my graphing exam yestrday but whatevr. ummmmmmm i ddi prtty well on the graphing exam, so i think the othr section ill do okei on. also hasd a chem exam 2day and i dont do well in thta class bcuz i spend most of my time in that class scrweing aroun w/ my friend buuuuuuuut whatevr. the exam was easier than the review (which i barely did!!!!!!!! XD)

also added my knowledge page to this page, so go chceck that out!!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA theres never anything to doooooo going online is mostly boring nowww and thers nothin to do in my godforsaken area w/o having to bike a whole long way away!!!!!!!!!!!!! alll i do now is take naps and go onlineee but thats boring!! but i wanna go outside but thers nothin to do outdieeeee!!!!!!!!!!! aaaa everything is boring i just want somthin interesting!!!!!

the absolute pain you feel when there is nothing paranormal or uspernatural or wahtevr is the worst pain

happppie new yearzzzzzz btww, ummm my new years revolution is to become more of a menace to society, bcuz im all talk and no action rn.


WHOOOPZZZZ gomenasai!!! for not updaitng in a while!!! my computer was bein STUPDI and i had to take it to the ppl who fix computers!!!! its all daijoubu nao!!

ummm i havent been doin much though, OH i been makin a lil "todo list" from my brothers computer when mine was broken, ummmmmmm its for a BIG touhou page. well maybe not a page more like a mini-site bcuz there isnt a whole lotta english 2hu fansites and you gotta be the change yuo wannan see in the world, amirite???

soooo i'll prolly start workin on that a lil l8r XP buuuuuuuut anyway i made THREE (3) buttons, they're at the bottom of this page (the home page rn) and they're the evangelion, sakuya, and hina ones. feel phree to used em wherever, idc if ya link to me or not. they're for YOU guize!! <3