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fuck the college board!

I made this site on 12/4/16

maybe I will add more to this in the future, maybe not, I don't know


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my brand new, remodeled site! Please enjoy it here!!!!!! Arigatou!


happy cirno day everone ^-^!!!!!!!!! its nice and chilly today, very fitting XDDDD

and with that, its time to replace my summer playlist with my favorite one!!!!!!! so as of now (10:56AM), i havent added any new songs yet, but when im done with school i will!!! aaaaaaaa im so excited bcuz my autumn playlist means its basically fall which is basically halloween which i DAISUKI!!!!!!!!! im gonna be sumireko usami for halloween bcuz i got the hair and glasses already LOL XD!!!!!! when im done with the costume maybe i'll show it 2 u guize!!!!!

ik trickrtreatin is prolly gonna be #cancelled, but it cant be helped u_u it kinda sucxz thou bcuz a good buddy of mine has halloween parties and theyre SUGOI!!!!! but theres prolly not gonna be one this year ;_; but halloween is like, not even soon!!!


typing dis in class rn, shit fucking sucks. God it's so awkward >.< but like, at least now I can actually edit my site in class LMAOOOOOO but it sucks bcuz it's on my phone.

anyway, I made a dress yesterday with the pattern I'm gonna use for sumirekos dress. Its not her actual dress, but it's the same pattern. Well, actually I made the dress like, a week ago, but the pattern was for ants and didn't fit, so my ma drafted a larger size which is what I used for this new one. And it fits PERFECTLY!!! So what I'm gonna do is dye it purple and add frawgs and make it a suwako dress. Bcuz you can make like, make a million touhou dresses with the same basic shape. I couldda made Sakuya, youmu, rumia, cirno, uhh... nazrin maybe? Man idk I just wanna wear pretty dresses.


have I ever told you guys how much I fucking hate ap lang?? I'm writing this on my phone rn, so i can't do a lot of typing stuff I normally do. But anyway I fucking hate this class. My teacher was talkin about like, how taking this class will help you in college, then she started talking about like, "if you go to college and drop out because you can't "hang" with them (as in, academics), then rack up $75000 in debt, you can't pay that off working at Starbucks" girl ik its been YEARS since you've been to college, but the world doesn't work like that anymore. You gotta cure cancer or smth like that to get an entry level job after college. I'm gonna be trying to pay back thousands of dollars in debt regardless if I drop out or not. Also yesterday she had us write a precis, and today we're revising them, and she said "I gave you guys feedback" you didn't give us SHIT!!! you gave us a vague, ill- defined number and said "make it enough" girl WHAT??? you literally gave most of the class a 7 and didn't tell us what to do from there. WHATAFUK ARE WE DOING WRONG?? And oh my god don't even get me started on teaching the test. Every class period you say smth like "On the ap exam the college board wants to see this or this or..." Like ik teaching the test is a bigger problem than just one classroom, but YOU'RE the one who said "uea when I was your age I thought the world was divided into leaders and followers", which is a shitty take from the start, but girl you ARE being the follower by teaching the test!! God and idk if this is a universal ap lang thing, but ALL the things we're analyzing is by George Bush. ??????? Ok ig.... anyway, politics aside, who da hell cares about rhetorical analysis anyway??? If I'm gonna be analyzing shit, ik it's not gonna be "the rhetorical choices or rhetorical moves" or whatever the fuck it is. All the terms sound the same, why do we need a million words to describe the same thing????? What's it called again?? Right, the classical model. Man, who tf cares? Ik that the point of English classes and analysis is to like, make sure you know what kind of message someone is sending you (as in, if they're trying to get you to think something, or to not fall for propaganda, or just to like, know what kind of messages you're being sent in a text) but like, teach it in a better way!!! Also, they're supposed to teach you how to not fall for propaganda, but we're LITERALLY analyzing speeches by Bush without discussing him and his presidency. Our class, other than the teacher, was too young to remember his presidency, and also we barely cover his presidency in us history, so like... idk man. There's also the issue of academic racism and classism, but I've already talked enough today. In conclusion, I fucking hate ap lang and the college board can gargle my balls.

and on that note, i made a new button about how i hate the college board. feel free to use it as much as you like, just please link back to my site ^.^ arigatou~!